Foyer Resident Community Cafe

Foyer Resident Community Cafe

To set up a community café here at Torbay Foyer where we have a fully equipped café kitchen which is not in use.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Torbay Foyer is a supported housing service for young people age 16-25 in Torquay. At the Foyer there is a fully equipped cafe kitchen which does not get used. There has been interest from the community development team and local chefs to set up the kitchen. The aim is to run it on a volunteer basis so that people can gain experience and get relevant certificates.

Local businesses and charities will be invited to donate free food and meals which will be provided to the local community for free.

The space will be open to events and local groups.

This is important as it will help young people gain experience which they may not be able to do else where, and grow in confidence. It would also be great to engage the local community in the project.