Fournos- authentic Greek food from my home kitchen

by Christina Sturrock in Arbroath, Scotland, United Kingdom

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Let's bring a taste of Greece to Arbroath, Angus and the surrounding areas!

by Christina Sturrock in Arbroath, Scotland, United Kingdom

New stretch target

I will use the money raised towards improving my kitchen facilities as well as to purchase food service and display materials.


The story so far

I come from a family of great home cooks. My mum Olympia used to work long hours when we were growing up, so time spent with her was limited. My most precious memories are of helping her in the kitchen while she was preparing delicious food to feed our family and friends. She would make it all from scratch, no shortcuts there.. our home was always the hub where all family gatherings happened and mum in the centre of it all, cooking tirelessly, always with a smile on her face, to produce food from the heart that would bring a smile to people's face. 

As a mum of three, and a step mum of one, myself now, I seem to have inherited my mum's need to cook and make people happy through my home cooked food. I am rediscovering all our family recipes from my childhood and get real joy from smelling and tasting all my childhood favourites. 

The future ahead

As the years pass I have come to realise that my need to cook and produce food is bigger than my family's need to consume, so I decided to start producing food for everyone who is willing to give it a try! 

My goal is to use ingredients from local producers and shops as much as possible, and produce authentic Greek foods, just like my mum used to make! I am in constant communication with mama Olympia back in Greece and she is very excited with this project, sharing her recipes and best held secrets! I might even fly her over to Scotland for a seminar or two.. 

I am planning on preparing the food in my home kitchen and selling it to local cafés and markets, while also preparing food for individuals and taking orders for small events and parties. 

The rewards I have set on this page are representative of the food I will be producing and I really do hope there is something there for every taste!  

Here is an overview of your choice of rewards!

£1 or more- If you would like no reward for your support this is your choice! Hit the button and my sincere gratitude and positive energy will travel your way!

£3 or more- Two pieces of my revani- semolina cake in syrup!

£3 or more- These are a small version of my 12" sharing pies. Perfect for lunch on the go, or for tea served with a salad or vegetables.

Choose from the following fillings: 

  • spinach & feta
  • sweet pumpkin or butternut squash(v)
  • pork and beef mince & onion
  • spinach kale & polenta(v) 
  • smoked ham hock & cheese

£5 or more- Three filo nests filled with dark chocolate ganache and soaked in cinnamon and lemon infused syrup!

£20 or more- for a 12" sharing pie of 8-10 slices! Chose your favourite filling from spinach & feta, sweet pumpkin or butternut squash, pork and beef mince & onion, spinach kale & polenta or smoked ham hock & cheese!

£110 or more- For a children's cupcake making and decorating party at your venue!

£130 or more- For a children's pizza making party, including ingredients, preparing and enjoying the pizzas!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£1 or more

Sincere gratitude and positive energy

Should you wish to support my project and need no reward, this is the best way to do so. I will be thankful and sending you my positive energy and sincere gratitude! This will help me use all your money towards completing the works for my project.

£3 or more

2 of 60 claimed

Two portions of revani- semolina sponge in syrup

Two portions of my delicious, sweet and sticky semolina and yoghurt cake, soaked in lemon syrup- authentic Greek recipe from my hometown Veroia.

£3 or more

0 of 40 claimed

Individual 4" pie

These are a small version of my 12" sharing pies. Perfect for lunch on the go, or for tea served with a salad or vegetables.

£5 or more

1 of 40 claimed

Three chocolate filled filo nests

This offer is for three filo parcel nests, filled with dark chocolate ganache and soaked in cinnamon and lemon flavoured syrup. Truly delicious and impossible to resist!

£20 or more

4 of 30 claimed

12" Spiral sharing pie

12" sharing pie: 8-10 portions! Try one of my authentic Greek spiral pies, made using hand made village filo pastry. Just slice it like a pizza and share it with your friends and family! Great for events and parties, or for a quick tea, if you serve it with vegetables or salad. Unless you chose the sweet pumpkin pie, which is a delicious treat and a great desert alternative! Chose your favourite filling and leave the rest to me!

£99 or more

1 of 2 claimed

Kids cupcake making and decorating party

If your children love to bake, let me take over your kitchen and deal with the mess! Let them be creative and prepare their own cupcakes. I will be visiting your home or party venue and we will be cracking eggs, mixing ingredients, baking and decorating a cupcake each! Mums or dads can participate too as we will be making 24 cupcakes. Suitable for groups of up to 10 children/ subject to suitable food preparation/ baking facilities.

£130 or more

0 of 2 claimed

Kids pizza making party

Do your kids love pizza? Would they love to celebrate their birthday or have some fun with their friends making their own pizzas? I will be taking over the supply and preparation of pizza ingredients and visiting your home or party venue so we can make, bake and enjoy eating fresh pizza with the toppings of your choice. Suitable for groups of 8-10 children/ subject to suitable food preparation and cooking facilities.

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