Four Thieves' Vinegar

We are raising money to pay the ten artists that we will work with on Four Thieves Vinegar, our debut production, the national living wage.

We did it!

On 7th Nov 2016 we successfully raised £850 with 8 supporters in 35 days

Our Fundraising Campaign

We are aiming to raise a total of £8664, which will allow us to pay the ten artists that we will work with on Four Thieves' Vinegar, our debut production, the national living wage of £7.20 per hour. 

We are a proud member of Equity's Professionally Made Professionally Paid campaign and believe that all professional artists should be paid for their work.

Where Will The Money Be Spent?

The money raised will be spent purely on the wages of the ten artists that we will work with on Four Thieves' Vinegar. 

How Will The Artists Be Chosen?

We work with emerging artists from all over the UK to bring our work to life and are very careful to choose the right people for each position using an extensive colour blind audition and / or interview process.

How Was The Amount Calculated?

To calculate our fundraising target, we have carefully broken down the number of hours each member of the creative team will be needed for, including twelve days of rehearsals and seventeen performances.

The amounts to be paid per artist will work out as follows:

  • Actor 1: £1072.80
  • Actor 2: £1072.80
  • Actor 3: £1072.80
  • Actor 4: £1072.80
  • Director: £705.60
  • Writer: £705.60
  • Stage Manager: £1072.80
  • Costume and Set Designer: £504.00
  • Composer: £504.00
  • Lighting and Sound Technician: £468.00

Note: The overall total to raise includes the £5% commission due to Crowdfunder.

Four Thieves' Vinegar


Set in Newgate Prison in 1665, as the plague sweeps through London, Four Thieves' Vinegar is a dark comedy that explores the behaviour of ordinary people in times of disaster and examines which elements of the human spirit remain indestructible, be it three hundred and fifty years ago or today.

Play Development

We have worked with the writer, Christine Foster, to develop the play over the course of the last two years through script development sessions, table read-throughs, workshops and a rehearsed reading.  We feel that the play is now ready to be brought to the stage, but we need your help...


Rehearsals will begin in late February and run for twelve days. 


Four Thieves' Vinegar will run from the 8th - 26th March 2017 at the Barons Court Theatre in London.

For more details about the production, please visit:

About Us

We are a small theatre company dedicated to finding and developing high quality new plays and ideas by writers who have never had their work produced before.   Our every production is a world premiere and a chance to see original work by a newly discovered writer. 

Based in London and led by our Artistic Director, Adam Bambrough, our aim is to become the leading theatre company for unproduced writers and emerging artists in the UK and beyond. 

Since we formed the company in 2013, we have received over two thousand plays from writers across the world, all of which we have read and provided feedback on, with the most promising of those being chosen for our development.   Four Thieves' Vinegar is the first of those plays. 

We wish to build a new way of working in theatre by:

  • investing more time in writers than is offered elsewhere in order to help them develop their work;
  • offering a first run on the professional ladder to promising new talent regardless of race, age and background; 
  • ensuring that every artist that we work with is paid the national living wage;
  • offering child friendly rehearsal spaces for those artists with young families;
  • building new audiences by ensuring that our every performance is both accessible and affordable to all, taking our productions to parts of the country that rarely receive new writing, etc..  

To find out more about us, please visit:


"The 42nd Theatre Company have shown a strong commitment to working towards our shared goal of a fairer theatre industry throughout their engagement with us, not least by working to set up an Equity agreement at a very early stage in the company’s existence", Emmanuel de Lange, Industrial Organiser, Equity Professionally Made Professional Paid campaign.

"This is one of the best scripts ever submitted to Barons Court Theatre featuring some of the fascinating and believable characters ever to grace our stage", Ron Phillips, Artistic Director of the Barons Court theatre.

We Need Your Help....

Please share our fundraising page with as many people as possible and if you are able to, we would be extremely grateful for any financial assistance that you can offer. 


For those that would like to make a donation to our campaign, we hope that you can find a reward that catches your eye.  But, if you would prefer to suggest a different reward in exchange for your support, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.  We are open to suggestions....

Thank you for your support!

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