Fortifi App Saving Lives

Fortifi App Saving Lives

Fortifi is seeking funding to finance the development of an app which will be used to save lives and minimise casualty rates in disasters.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Fortifi app is seeking funding to finance the development of a social media app which will be used to save lives and minimise casualty rates in incidents of terrorism, crime and natural disaster. the objective of this app of to ensure that alerts are sent to victims or potential victims in the affected areas and mitigate on casualty rates. this app is bassed on available technology advancements and ubiquitous nature of social media to reach many people. funding to the tune of £30,000 is hereby requested to realise the objective.

Terrorism, crimes and natural disaster are always spontaneous. they occur intermittently and provide no alerts of their occurance. the planning phase is often covert and execution. if not detected on time, may get the authorities and victims off guard. recent events in the uk parlement buildings are a clear testimony. As a result, theres a need to provide a system that can mitigate the effects of casualty rate whenever the incident occurs. Clearly the system has to  be technology based and, in particular, it has to make good use of social media.

As clearly stated, with the numerous terrorist incidents, crimes and catastrophic disasters that take place around the world, there is always need to have an early warning system that will provide timely alerts at any given time. in this day of technological advancement that social media integraton, there is more interconnectedness has to be harnessed to facilitate this venture. More than ever before, social media proves to be the most expedient and viral mechanism of reaching out as many people within the shortest time. Our objective will, therefore, be to develop a social media App capable of using live news, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram updates, artificial intelligence and police or government warnings to provide alerts and advise in case of any catastrophic or terrorist activity wherever it may occur.

The social media app will be developed with an alarm system that goes off to warn first. Once the alram has been set off, commands will be relayed to the admin or any other authorised person to advise the affected person on where to run to or hide. Moreover, advice will be provided on what areas to avoid using GPS while storing details of the users in the area for tracking purposes. This is meant to mitigate the effects of the accidents on innocent live.

As stated, the application will be structured on social media (also use of Radio signals incase of the internet data been unavailable to warn and advice). The increased use of social media offers the advantage of providing live news that is collected in real life from scene of an incident. Moreover, the fact that most people are connected to at least one social media app ensures that communication can be made easier and enhanced. Thus, this application will enable many people in ther scene of an incident to be reached, and as a result, the casualty rate will be exceedingly minimised.