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Help us shape the future of our site for people who love to back projects and get rewards!

The following survey is 100% anonymous and all answers will be used to make Crowdfunder a better place.

How would you describe yourself?

You received this survey as you have pledged on multiple projects across Crowdfunder.

Would you like to be informed of projects with great rewards?

Would you be interested in receiving an exclusive email to your inbox that showed you an overview of the amazing rewards that projects are offering on our site?

Would you be interested in Crowdfunder Gift Cards/Vouchers?

Would you be interested in purchasing gift vouchers for others to use on the site? For example, you would purchase a £20 voucher for a friend/loved one to spend on projects across the site.

Would you be in interested in being part of the 'In Crowd'?

This would be a new monthly subscription scheme, where you will join our 'In Crowd'. Then we would pledge your agreed monthly payment on amazing causes that are chosen by the entire 'In Crowd' across our projects.

We love good ideas!

If you've got a great idea that will benefit all of our pledgers on the site. Let us know and if we can build it - we'll give it a try.

How did you hear first about Crowdfunder?

Which of the following sites have you donated to?