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FORM180 is a mentoring initiative which seeks to inspire disadvantaged young people in the education system to turn their lives around.

by Jeremy Grant in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

The word 'FORM' is another word for 'a class or year in a high school' but we have abbreviated the term to stand for 'Federation of Role Models'. This is because we are a team of experienced individuals who have success stories about life to share with the younger generation. The number '180' represents the concept of doing a metaphorical 180-degree turnaround from a negative direction of life to get to a positive destination. The idea was developed by Jeremy Grant, a former mental health service user who turned his life around after suffering for years with Bipolar Disorder - a condition which he started to experience in his final year of high school. Jeremy is now seeking ways and means to help others so as to give them hope by sharing his experience through mentoring interventions. 

Jeremy and his team of mentors have developed a series of soft skills workshops that have been designed to help young people become ambitious achievers. The Programme entitled P.O.W.E.R.S. is an abbreviation which stands for: -

•    Problem Solving
•    Optimism
•    Work Ethic
•    Emotional Intelligence
•    Resilience
•    Self-Motivation

We believe our project should receive donations because there is a lack of positive role models in our community - especially those who are former mental health service users. Sharing our true stories with those young people who are lacking in self belief is also our way of giving back to the next generation.


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