Forfar & District Men's Shed Workshop Appeal

We are looking to raise £4000 to begin the construction of our first permanent premises in Forfar as we are currently homeless.

We did it!

On 13th Nov 2017 we successfully raised £175 with 6 supporters in 28 days

The Forfar and District Men's Shed is looking to raise £4000 through Crowd Funding to begin the construction of new purpose built premises at the Lochside Lockups off Lochside Road in Forfar, Scotland. 

What We Need

At the moment the group do not have a permanent meeting place.   The Forfar and District Men's Shed (F&DMS) facility would be a new, modern, environmentally sound structure with a Meeting area and a large Workshop for members to use on personal or community projects.  Many of our members have been working diligently over the last three years to achieve this goal and have suffered many set backs.  However, we can now hopefully see the light at the end of the tunnel with the successful completion of this project.  We have received a 25 year lease on the land, full planning permission for the project and have laid the groundwork for the structure.

What We Hope to Achieve

A Men's Shed is a larger version of the typical man's shed at the bottom of the garden where members meet to share tools, resources, skills and work on projects in an inclusive venue.  Permanent premises would provide the ability to:-

  • expand our recognition, as the F&DMS would have a greater physical presence within the community,
  • be more easily identified as an organisation with a permanent facility with a fixed address and contact phone, etc.
  • attract new members; many perspective members won't join us until we have an indoor and good-sized premises.

Having a permanent meeting place will allow F&DMS members to come together within a safe environment in which to forge new friendships and support each other.  This can be simply:-

  • learning new skills or passing on a lifetime of learned knowledge to others
  • giving members the chance to share ideas, swap banter and jokes, discuss shared concerns and,
  • very importantly, provide someone to listen.

 This in turn can give members a purpose to life and can help alleviate the problems associated with isolation and loneliness.

How Will the Money Raised be Spent

We will be using the money to buy building materials, kit out the building with cabinetry, lockers and eventually the installation of utilities, e.g. water, electric and sewage.  Many of our members are capable of the doing the work, having had many years of building and services experience (architectural technician, electricians, mechanical engineering, farm management, etc.); however, we will need to hire contractors to do some of the work and certify the project in order to meet current building standards.

Who We Are

The Forfar and District Men's Shed (F&DMS) is part of a worldwide community movement providing opportunities for men and women from age 18 and up from all backgrounds to meet and share skills and use them in a practical way.   While we are currently a small group in Forfar we are a registered charity (SC047622), a member of the Scottish Men's Sheds Association and have participated in many local projects, including:-.

  • supporting the Pit Stop (local youth initiative) with garden planters and erecting a 50-metre fence,
  • garden planters for Brechin Community Council and a local Resident Action Group,
  • creating a set of steps for Disabled Access Organisation,
  • making Cat boxes for the Cat Protection League,
  • making a Tardis for the Kirriemuir Scouts
  • a small shed for a member's mobility scooter,
  • a trailer for member use,
  • provided support to various local fundraisers with stalls and activities including the Beautiful Angus Competition and the Forfar Gala.

Thank you for supporting our projects.

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