Forever Young - Our Debut Short Film

We have been wanting to make our own film for yonks, & then *ping* I had this awesome idea! So we all made it even better, & we're doing it!

We did it!

On 11th Oct 2017 we successfully raised £5,544 with 161 supporters in 42 days

**Please note - the crowdfunder video is a light-hearted call to arms, it is not reflective of the finished product, in tone or quality**

This is an irreverant take on the pressure there is on women to be peacock like in their approach to beauty; having to keep their big coloured feathers in vibrant enough condition to be worthy of attention. This is the story of an ambitious entreprenuer as she brings our own revolutionary beauty product to the market, but it's not your every day treatment. The results are spectacular but the cost is high. It's an unusual take on a familiar subject; think Black Mirror meets Death Becomes Her.

My co-conspirators are fellow actors Barbara & Hannah who I met  in rehearsals and hit it off with so much we became firm friends. We're tired of being the fluff or "girl next door" or in my case "woman, 30s, not  a looker, livid" and yes that was a real character description , I kid you not.  Also helping us along has been a desperate craving for some storylines for us to get our teeth into, we wanted to create complex and flawed leading female characters.  The Heroes and Antiheroes that reflect real women in our society, who ultimately are interesting!

I wrote this for myself and the girls (totally passing the Bechdel Test without meaning to). They liked it. We worked the script and ideas a bit more. We got cocky and approached the super talented Director, Evy Barry (who has since made some awesome additions to the script) who I met through an emerging directors club. She liked it too and so she got the ever patient/suffering Jon Hateley onboard who has the interesting job of juggling a female heavy cast and crew.  We are all playing a part in building this piece with our own artistic voices and also hope to do our bit to balance gender equality in British Film.


Now here we find ourselves with a full, professional cast and crew with ambitions to make a cracking 12-15 min short with great festival potential. Good old fashioned story-telling, professionally executed, making an exciting and visually arresting Debut.

Why wouldn't you want to help make that happen?!  Either donate whatever you can or go for a Reward amount and get a little sumtin with it (apart from the warm fuzzy feeling you'll get as standard).

Thank you x

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