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by Natalie English in Preston, England, United Kingdom


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Meet the kids who are reimagining the world's biggest stories, before it's too late.

by Natalie English in Preston, England, United Kingdom


We are Harry, Josh, and Milly from Kid Curious and we need your help please...


We have spent lockdown working with loads of other kids from across the UK to create a cool new newspaper called Forever Curious, and we now need donations to get it looking good and printed, so that as many people as possible can see it.

What is Forever Curious?

Forever Curious is a new type of newspaper that uses our imaginations and curiosities to reimagine the world's biggest stories, before it's too late. 

From hunger and poverty to pollution and climate change…you name it, we’re taking it on. But instead of looking at them as scary challenges, we have been busy turning them into exciting ideas and opportunities that can actually make a REAL difference. 

Why does the world need Forever Curious?

Because what the current media are quick to label ‘news stories’ is actually our future reality and we are reclaiming back what’s rightfully ours. We have had enough of seeing negativity everywhere. We have had enough of being left out of the conversations that are impacting our futures. And we have had enough of having our voices ignored. 

That's why we have decided to create a new type of media platform that is run BY KIDS, and chooses to celebrate ideas and solutions instead of scaremongering the public with never-ending challenges, fear and negativity.


How will Forever Curious work?

Forever Curious will be our very own printed, bi-annual newspaper that works by linking kids from all across the UK with like-minded people, businesses, and charities. So that we can have the conversations we want to have, learn more about the things we want to learn more about, and then turn our new knowledge into exciting ideas and opportunities with the power to make a difference.  

We will then sell our newspaper online to the general public, so that we can share our ideas with as many people as possible, and hopefully inspire others to want to make a positive change too. 

Even once the newspapers have been printed and sent out, we will STILL be busy beavering away in the background. Targeting the businesses and brands that we have created ideas for. To try our very best to get them to buy into our ideas and actually make them a reality, so that REAL CHANGE can begin to happen.


Forever Curious is not just a newspaper. It is our very own problem-solving community on a mission to reimagine the future, before its too late. 

How will your donation help us?

Issue One is already well underway, and as voted for by 354 kids from across the UK, will be focussed on the food and hunger crisis. But for anyone to ever read it, we now need YOUR HELP please. 

Asides from helping us to get issue one looking good and printed, even more importantly your incredible donations will help us too -

  • Get our voices and ideas finally listened too
  • Empower kids everywhere to want to stand together and make a positive difference in the world
  • Give kids much needed confidence in their own voices and opinions
  • Positively impact the world's biggest news stories
  • Begin to change how the current media operates
  • Fill as many readers as possible with hope instead of fear
  • Create much-needed positive change

Thank You.

This is OUR opportunity TOGETHER to change how the media of today operates, fill as many people as possible with hope instead of fear, and begin to make real positive change. 

So please join us on our mission and help to make our future dreams come true by donating NOW. 

Massive THANK YOU, Harry, Josh and Milly
On behalf of kids everywhere...


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What A Star

Every single donation helps so thank you so much and know that you have helped to make a group of AMAZING kids very happy indeed!

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Thank you so much. Your donation means the world to us and know that you have helped our kids get one step closer to having their voices and ideas heard which is a pretty big deal!

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You're The Best

WOW! What an amazing help. Receive a personalised 'THANK YOU' email from one of our AMAZING kids for helping them get even closer to having their voices and ideas heard.

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You're Awesome

We have the biggest smiles on our faces right now! As a thank you, get your name actually printed in issue one AND your very own digital copy emailed to you because you really are awesome!

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We have the biggest smiles on our faces right now! As a thank you, get your name actually printed in issue one AND your very own printed copy posted out to you because you really are super duper awesome!

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Thank you SO much. To show our appreciation we would love to print your name in issue one AND send you your very own printed copies of issue one AND two in the post because we really do think you're a legend!

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Absolute DON

You don't understand how much your INCREDIBLE donation helps! As a big massive fat THANK YOU, we want to offer you a 10-minute ideas jamming session with one of our AMAZING kids to see how they can help you turn some of your challenges into ideas too. Trust us, you won't be disappointed. (Due to COVID19 and Safeguarding, this session will take place over email).

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