Forest of Ancestry

I want to create an alternative and natural ancestral resting place with a comforting environment that celebrates life.

We did it!

On 26th Jul 2017 we successfully raised £60 with 4 supporters in 56 days

The aim of the Forest of Ancestry is to provide an eco-friendly alternative to the typical burial in an environment that celebrates life and allows the service user to tailor it to them personally. 

This service will be for cremated remains only, which will be buried in a Bio Urn, with a tree of your choice, planted on top. The tree becomes the "family tree" and further relatives (and pets) can be added in the future. Not only will we provide a "family tree" but we will also keep an ancestral trace on all who are buried there for future family to see.

The grounds will be open for visitation similar to that of regular graveyards. You can come and enjoy the surroundings while thinking of your loved one, maybe have a family picnic on their birthday. We are open to requests. The environment we create is very important as we want people to feel comforted while mourning their loved one. While their may be stages to grief, that we all go through, how we mourn is very different. 

We also aim to provide a function room for services so we can cater to memorial service requests. 

Our services are for all religions and none. 

The initial location is for the Forest of Ancestry is County Antrim with the plans to expand over all Counties and further afield! 

The money raised will go towards acquiring land, buildings and storage as well as required fees and licenses. As this is quite a "new" approach, there has been little trailblazing beforehand so it really is a learn as we go situation. The first priority is the land. Once that has been purchased, we can really move things forward. We endeavour to use as many local resources as possible as it is important that the Forest of Ancestry is rooted in its community. It is also important that our buildings are highly sustainable and have little impact on the environment.

The Reward available guarantees £500 worth of services at the Forest of Ancestry including your plot and tree of choice. This means that you will be one of the first Family Trees to inhabit the Forest of Ancestry! 

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