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Forensic Law Project

Insider's first in series of forensic books revealing the real goings-on when parents' use the family courts & the damage done to children

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Project aim

A series of forensic research books revealing the real going-ons when parents use family courts & the damage done, both to the parents and to kids. The complexities and deficiencies of the family law system will be revealed as part of showing why these secret courts may be generally unfit for purpose and often leave children and families worse off. 

About the project

There are three legal jurisdictions and types of court in the UK: Criminal; Civil and Family. Family courts operate in secret and very little is known as to how. I've had a unique inside view of the family courts for several years in preparing case files and assisting litigants in person in family courts. 

Forensic psychology is the intersection between psychology and the justice system. Forensic psychologists can be used to evaluate legal and court procedures for their effectiveness in coming to justiciable solutions and the affect of procedures on litigants and professionals. To date, there has never been a forensic evaluation of the UK family courts. 

The first book in the series, which I'm asking you to help fund, reveals the unconscious drivers behind why parents use the courts, how each parent is treated by the court system, how the family courts are fundamentally and possibly irreparably flawed, how judges are incapable of the task they take on, how the current set-up means the family courts are the worst possible place to hear and solve the particular type of issues at hand, and the sometimes lifelong, unacknowledged - and irreversible - damage done to parents and their children. 

The series of books are aimed at anyone who is working, judging or litigating in the family courts. Or anybody who might. Because you will otherwise not know what happens in these secret courts, until it happens to you, and the various pitfalls that can be suffered during what is already the most stressful of life events - family separation. The series of books will show that the claim that justice can be done in secret, especially for children, is a misnomer. The books will be priced reasonably with the intention of ensuring quality and useful information is within everybody's budget.

The books will include events within real cases. They will not reveal the identities of children or families, thereby satisfying the guidance laid down by statute. 

One of the books will likely focus on the longstanding poor conduct of a particular solicitor who appears to be either exceptionally incompetent or corrupt and have gone to extraordinary lengths to suppress an investigation against him, with the active collaboration of his local Police and Courts. He will be named. Other books in the series will reveal: some of the everyday, underhand professional abuses common in family courts; how the system has been set up to protect the professionals working within it from liability for misconduct; and two further books, each following what seem to be specific cases of sustained unlawful activity by professionals - and perhaps even judges - that could only have happened in secret. 

The first book will detail how and why many parents and children end up not with justiciable outcomes but longlasting mental health problems. 

If more money is raised than the target I will make the Forensic Law Project an official entity (NGO or charity), then design projects aimed at ascertaining the degree and prevalence of injustice, mental health and social damage done by the current functioning of the family courts. 

I earn a low wage but am very busy, often helping litigants who cannot afford lawyers. I need the funding to be able to step back from work for a few weeks and focus on completing the first book. Hopefully, sales from that will fund the remainder. 

All those donating £5 or more will recieve a first draft copyof the first book. That'll be about half of the planned full price. There is a 'rewards' system for higher donations. I do not think it unreasonable to claim the books will be an extremely good value-for-money means of understanding the pitfalls of the UK family court system. A heartfelt thanks to all those who donate. 


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