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Forces Online

Helping Veterans that are down on their luck

We did it!

On 12th Aug 2016 we successfully raised £20 with 2 supporters in 99 days

Forces Online Mission Statement.

  • To provide a professional website, with the Veterans Directory listing all of the Armed Forces Community Organisations in the U.K. by type and location, and work alonge side them to promote their services, thus giving a choice based system for our Veterans and their Families.
  • To provide County based support pages in Enland, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, with each Country having a national office, and county based sub offices, which will establish positive working relationships with our members, supporters and listed organisations as well as the Veterans they serve.
  • To provide a minimum of 1 x VSC (Veterans Support Coordinator) per County, who will act as a go between the Local County and our HQ in Swindon, which will become Royal Wootten Bassett once we are funded.
  • To fundraise the £5,000 required by the Charities Commission to register as a full Military Charity, and the start of the Veterans Welfare Fund.  A quick help fund for Veterans in distress.  This fund will be topped up by the Forces Online CIC overflow.
  • To provide a valuable contact and sharing system for the Forces Online Members, supporters and listed orgnanisations via our blog, Social Media platforms, website, mailing list and local phone contact.
  • To ensure proper links within each community where Forces Online is present i.e. Local Authorities, Health Organisations, TV, Radio, National and Local Press, Employment, Welfare and Armed Forces Covenant. etc.
  • To help, empower and support new organisations via association through our extensive contact system, and form relationships with established organisations to provide a Country-wide cooperative contact/broadcast system for Veterans Issues, which can also be used for collaborative organisations for breaking news, etc.  The aim will be to provide autonomy within the Counties.
  • To develop the Forces Online CIC and Charity teams by effective management, training and development covering a diverse range of skills across boundaries, supporting both statically and nationally based organisations.

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