Forces Online CIC

Forces Online CIC is the official organisation responsible for running the website.

We did it!

On 24th May 2016 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 28 days

Forces Online CIC is the official organisation responsible for running the website.  Forces Online's primary responsibilitty is towards creating and maintaining the Veterans Directory which is an online service listing all the United Kingdom Armed Forces Community organisations. (From the larest of Military Charitiy's down to the smallest of support groups and everything else in between).  

The Veterans Pages (Part of the Veterans Directory) are County based pages each headed up by a VSC (Veterans Support Co-ordinator) who will act as an information provider between the website and the local area.  The pages are written in an easy to understand, what you see is what you get format, with the main emphasis being on simple to understand.

Our system predominantly based on Social Media through Facebook, Twitter and Linked has been designed with information sharing in mind and building a huge online contact system, that also reaching into offline services.

Our main Members Group based on Facebook at is becoming more and more specialised at pointing Veterans in the right direction to get the support they require with a whole host of issues and is also ideally place to share organisational updates, from its growing list of organisation choosing to join the Veterans Directory.

The money made through this Crowd Funding project will support the running of the website whilst it is developed into a first class Veterans Support Service signposting all the various organisation listing with us, and developing a site advertising system to provide further revenue to support the project.

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