Moving forward with Forces Farming

by Forces Farming in Newbury, England, United Kingdom

Moving forward with Forces Farming


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Flexible funding – this project will receive all pledges made by 9th March 2021 at 11:05am

Funding will support on farm training for service leavers and veterans who want to enter agriculture as a new career after they have served.

by Forces Farming in Newbury, England, United Kingdom


  • Represents the link between the armed forces and agriculture.
  • Highlights career opportunities for service leavers and veterans from all ranks of the Armed Forces.
  • Delivers agricultural and horticultural insight and experience training leading to employment and career opportunities.
  • Is funded by Forces into Agriculture CIC which allows us to work with grant funding when available in addition to your donations.
  • Delivers real life and job based training and employment support while facilitating the transition process for the whole family.
  • Supports service leavers and veterans across the country. Based in Southern England.


How will Forces Farming use the funds provided?

We will be using the funds to support the creation and development of a real life 'Forces Farm' which will provide job based training and support for the well being of wounded, injured and sick veterans. 

This is the first step, the basic training of getting into agriculture as a new career. The farm will produce food that will be sold to support the local community and schools. 

Funds will cover costs associated with running the business and support service leaver and veteran training programs.

We work to a 4 step process: Insight > Experience > Placement > Develop

Insight of potential career paths in agriculture and the rural industry for all ranks of the armed forces.
(1 - 2 days)

Experience more detail of a chosen sector or sectors and potential career path.

(3 - 5 or up to 30 days)

Placement with partner farm and optional industry partner engagement.
(3 - 6 months or up to 12-18 months)

Develop a career with further training or employment via an invested employer while retaining contact with the veteran and employer.



“From Tanks to Tractors” by Will Foster 


Will Foster joined Chandlers Farm Equipment (FE) in June 2020 as an agricultural service technician AGCO products.

Will had spent his professional life in the Ministry of Defence as a Technical Trainer in Bovington at the Armoured Fighting Vehicle Technical Training School (AFVTTS). Will spent his time teaching the next generation of drivers, mechanics and commanders how to drive and maintain Challenger 2 Main Battle Tanks and other platforms. 

After being introduced to Jeremy Gibbs from Forces Farming during his resettlement an inner passion for farm machinery and its maintenance was ignited. When an agricultural service technician position came up at Chandlers FE, it was the perfect fit and combined Will‘s experience and skillset with a previously dormant passion for all things farm machinery.

Will joined the Army over 23 years ago wanting to “play with tanks” and loved getting his hands dirty, fixing or maintaining them. This meant that the changeover from state-of-the-art tanks to tractors wasn’t difficult.

Since joining the team at Chandlers, Will has quickly learnt new skills and honed his knowledge of farm equipment working on new and used Tractors, sprayers, Combines and other implements.

AGCO support the work Forces Farming are doing and have helped develop the promotion and visibility of agricultural engineering careers to service leavers.

Thank you very much for reading through this information. 

We really do appreciate your support.

Let's make 'Moving forward with Forces Farming' happen

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