For the animals

For the animals

The health and wellbeing of ALL dogs and cats in UK and surrounding countries. Eventually worldwide.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful



To create an animal food company that makes a range of dog and cat food using the most biologically appropriate, healthiest ingredients for a low, affordable price. Ultimately to be the first choice for pet owners and putting lower cost, cheap ingredient foods off the market which are detrimental to pets health and welfare.

To distribute food to all rescue centres free of charge, so food costs are least of their worries and they can focus on helping more animals and providing better treatment and care.

To build large open plan animal shelters in all countries with the biggest population of strays, so these animals if not adopted can live long, happy lives.

To have slaughter houses (for pet food) that are as humane as possible with spacious living areas for the animals, sunlight and foliage and split second deaths to cause the least amount of stress. With 24 hour CCTV monitoring everywhere.