For Pete's Sake

by Beth law in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

For Pete's Sake


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Hi everyone I don't know if can help me. Theres a very sweet homeless guy called Peter and he's 67 years old. Hes been homeless for sometime...

by Beth law in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

Hi everyone I don't know if can help me. Theres a very sweet homeless guy called Peter and he's 67 years old. Hes been homeless for sometime He's always pleasant, never surly or in anyone's face. Recently we got talking and he's just like me and you,He lost his job,family then his house.

He sits outside a b&m store every day. He never asks for money just says hello.

He has someone that charges him ten pounds per night to sleep in their flat.

He says this other person would let him in if if didn't have any money but that's true.

The person he lives with needs money too but he mostly sleeps outside under boxes and bits of coats.

When the weather last week was terrible ,he'd been out in it for three nights and when I approached him he was shaking and looking awful.

He had a temperature ,and was full of flu.

His clothes were wet through .He accepted the paracetamol from me,some hot coffee and a nutty.

I also gave him a cushion to sit on as he was so uncomfortable.

Look I'm aware that there's lots of homelessness out there,and we can't save everyone,but, this guy is sixty seven I think probably got covid and is skinny.

He likes a drink ,but had never done drugs.

I would like if Peter could simply afford to stay indoors for the whole of the winter until possibly the end of march.

I could go to bank and set up a direct debit so that the money is not wasted and the person he lives with will receive between 200-250 per calender month straight into their bank and Peter will have a home for the next six months.

He can't get universal credit as the person he's bedding down with also gets that and if Peter applied they would lose money.

I've worked it out for ten pounds per night for six months (over the winter period) and it comes up and two thousand one hundred pounds.

I normally give him twenty a month but I'm in a low paid job and I feel that if everyone gave ten pounds or whatever,even a pound it would make peters life so much better.

He's now a pensioner and we all know pensioners should not be on the street.

So "For Pete's Sake" help me, to help him.

Thanks so so much for taking the time to read this.

I thought I'd keep it on until Xmas and whatever amount we get ,at least (Hopefully)! we could get him in the warm for at least the Xmas period.

Let's make 'For Pete's Sake' happen

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