For my study and college fees for 2 years

by Sukh kaur in Southall, England, United Kingdom

For my study and college fees for 2 years


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Hello, My name is Miss Sukhpreet  Kaur. As individual female Its more challenges when you want to get degree .Specialy if you living with ...

by Sukh kaur in Southall, England, United Kingdom

Hello, My name is Miss Sukhpreet  Kaur.


As individual female Its more challenges when you want to get degree .Specialy if you living with no family and  financial supporter .

My objectives are clear Study get degree and start life .And in future be in position where I can help People.

 I am an Indian currently studying in the U.K. Due to my biggest dream of education abroad. I have always dreamed of traveling abroad to further my education ever since I was a kid, and despite coming from poor family and have 3 more little sisters and one little brother  my parents were able to raise enough to cover my travel costs and sponsor my education from India after selling some of our land .  I arrived london uk years ago, secured my admission, and buried myself in my university work, as that was the only way to repay my parents.I am working part time as student I can only work certain hours .The difficulties I have fees and expences I need for 2 years its approximately 27000 With all expensise.   I Will work hard to clear my parents debt .But cant efford my studies .

It will be big faliur in start of my life If I don’t get any degree after all 

Struggle .

Things weren’t rosy, but it was good enough. But, as we all know, a few months into this year, coronavirus went from being a faraway disease that had nothing to do with us to a global threat. The spread of the COVID virus affected a lot of us, the pandemic as proven to be as harmful to our finances and mental stability as it has been to our physical health. The hardest-hit places have been developing countries with great population density, companies and organizations were shut down in India, and workers were sent home with little to no palliatives. My father, the breadwinner of our family, fell into this category and our entire family had to survive on what little money he was able to save. However, my university will be resuming soon and we’ll be expected to complete the payment for our tuition before we can start lectures, right now, my father is in no position to afford the tuition, so it seems like I might have to give up my dream of completing my education here.

I hate having to give up on everything at this point, it is especially frustrating as I have only one more academic year to go, but it seems like there’s much of a choice. I decided to try fundraising as a last resort to appeal to good samaritans around the world to help me with this final push and it would mean the world to me if I could get an opportunity to finish this chapter and acquire my degree. I understand that life is challenging for so many people at the moment, so I’ll appreciate any help I can get, no matter how little, and if you will not be able to support financially, I’ll be grateful if you can take a moment of your time to share this campaign with friends or family through social media, that little gesture will go a long way.

Thank you so much for your compassion.


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