For my Mum
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To support my Mum in her cancer journey.

by KayQuig in Fareham, England, United Kingdom

My mum has been diagnosed with grade 3 Breast Cancer. She will have to undergo aggressive chemotherapy and have a serious operation. We are still yet to find out if the cancer has spread, but she already has swollen lymph nodes. She is such a strong women and in her 50 years of life she has had it pretty tough. She has always been there for me and now its time to be there for her.

Before her diagnosis she took on a new job. Unfortunately she is still within her probation period which means that if she takes time off for her treatment she will not receive any pay. He work are being very supportive to her but unfortunately this is one rule they cant bend.

This of course will add to the stress as she may not be able to pay all her bills and could lose the house if she cant pay the mortgage. I am looking to raise a buffer for her just so she has something to fall back on in the particularly hard times. I want to surprise her with this gift (she has no idea I am doing this).