Support for Kolhapur, India Flood Victims

by Pratik Bharadwaj in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

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Alleviating flood related problems for people of Kolhapur and making the issue visible to good people of the internet around the world.

by Pratik Bharadwaj in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

I do not consider myself a warrior for social cause or a champion for raising the baton for burning issues around the world. Today, 10th August being a usual lazy Saturday morning for me, I got up and like all netizens checked the social media and news around the world. That is when I saw this heart wrenching video of a woman in a rescue boat touching feet of the army men rescuing flood effected people of Kolhapur. For references, Kolhapur is a district in Indian state of Maharashtra and is currently struggling with worst floods in decades. Whenever there is disaster situation in India, it is normal for the GOI to call upon the ever reliant Indian Army for rescue missions. Now the big question, why is that the video effected me so much? In hinduism when someone touches someone else's feet they give the other person stature of a deity or god's messenger. I just couldn't stop but think about the woman and her belief in few brave men, even after loosing everything's she has got to the floods. Lastly, Being someone with no writing skills / PR abilities I am not sure how well I have convinced you to trust me OR my intentions, but as they say no harm trying. At the end it just took me few clicks on a fundraising portal which gave me an avenue to write me heart out. God be with the good earth !

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