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The perfect place for your charity to raise more

Set-up your charity Profile and start collecting donations, run fundraisers and create Prize Draws.

Create your charity's Profile

All these powerful features are available to your charity

Your own charity Profile

Accept Nectar points as donations

Accept donations & offer rewards

Collect monthly donations

Allow fundraisers on your behalf

Gift Aid capture & processing

Quick response Appeals

Access £millions in +Extra funding

Run prize draws

Employee giving and fundraising

Customer giving and fundraising

Create charity campaigns

Getting started

Your charity's Profile

Add your charity to Crowdfunder, and in no time at all you’ll be collecting donations and fundraisers from supporters.

As a charity on Crowdfunder, you’ll have unique benefits, including £250m of potential funding from Nectar Donate, Regular Donations and access to over £11m in +Extra funding from partners.

Create your charity's Profile

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Once you’ve created your Profile, you can then add projects. These can accept donations, offer rewards, accept Nectar points and be eligible for +Extra funds.

Projects can use your existing charity payment details for quick setup.

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Prize Draws

Once you’ve created your Profile, you can then add Prize Draws. These allow you to raise funds by offering something amazing in return for donations.

Prize Draws are not eligible to receive Nectar points or +Extra funding.

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Once you’ve created your Profile, supporters can then easily fundraise on your behalf. Funds go directly to your Profile, or specific projects you’ve created.

Fundraisers are eligible to receive Nectar points, but not +Extra funding.

Ready to join the crowd?

With over £250 million raised and an unmatched suite of features, we're the perfect place for your charity to raise more.


Nectar Donate

Nectar Donate is a new partnership between Crowdfunder and Nectar. There are 18 million Nectar members in the UK who spend £250 million of Nectar points each year.

We’ve opened a new currency to UK charities – accept Nectar donations, and convert those Nectar points into cash.

Donated Nectar points from supporters will be converted into funding for thousands of charitable organisations. So if you’re a big UK charity or a local good cause you could be eligible to get involved.

Learn more about Nectar Donate


Regular donations

Allow your supporters to set-up a regular donation to your charity, one of your projects, or someone fundraising for you.

These donations are collected every month, and can be fully managed by the backer once set up.



Offer rewards to your supporters in return for their donations.

Set up appealing rewards, covering a range of values, and encourage your supporters to give more to your cause, in the knowledge they’re receiving a unique and interesting reward.


+Extra Funding

We have over £10 million in match funding available to help support your charity and its projects.

Depending on what your charity is doing, funding from a selection of national and regional partners may be available to help you raise more funds.

Learn more about +Extra Funding

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Charity Dashboards

The place to access, create and control all your fundraising from a single point.

Dashboards include monitoring, reporting and management of all fundraising activity.

Powerful marketing tools are also at hand to help promote your charity’s efforts.

Create your charity's Profile

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You can see, manage and edit your profile, projects and fundraisers through your Charity dashboard on Crowdfunder.

New projects or prize draws can be created quickly and easily – use your existing financial details to get them up and running in no time at all.

Data and reporting

Get a breakdown of your charity activity on Crowdfunder. See the funds you’ve raised, backers, comments, donation sources, rewards, and conversion rate.

You can also keep track of the people raising money on your behalf, and the pledges made to the fundraisers they create.

Gift Aid and Swiftaid

Gift Aid data is collected from donations and available for you to download.

Integration with Swiftaid* is also available to automatically manage the claims process with HMRC for you, and send you the funds collected in GiftAid from your Charity Profile.


Our marketing tools will help you promote your efforts to raise more for your cause.

Post on social platforms with a click, get a ready to go QR code that points to your Profile, and easily create a shareable link sending supporters direct to your checkout.

* Swiftaid account required, fees apply. See the Swiftaid help centre article for further information.

Ready to join the crowd?

With over £250 million raised and an unmatched suite of features, we're the perfect place for your charity to raise more.

How our offering compares

CrowdfunderGoFundMe JustGiving Enthuse

Zero platform fees YesYesYesYes

Accept donations YesYesYesYes

Collect and process Gift Aid YesYesYesYes

Collect monthly donations YesYesYesYes

Run fundraisers YesYesYesYes

Create charity campaigns YesYesYesYes

Accept Nectar donations YesNoNoNo

Offer rewards YesNoNoNo

Extra funding YesNoNoNo

Offer vouchers YesNoNoNo

Run prize draws YesNoNoNo

Customer giving YesNoNoNo

Employee giving YesNoNoNo

Ready to join the crowd?

With over £250 million raised and an unmatched suite of features, we're the perfect place for your charity to raise more.