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Helping Emeterio Galeon and his family to go through difficult times.

by Nina Limar in London, England, United Kingdom

The legend has it that once upon a time in the Philippines there were two twin sisters called Paro and Rosa. One day Paro walked into the river and disappeared. Rosa and neighbours rushed to the river bank to look for Paro.  

Soon they noticed a flower bud floating on the water. The flower was moving, opening its petals slowly. As the flower bloomed they noticed a set of colourful wings on its core. Soon the wings started flapping and, to their surprise, a creature never seen before, started floating just above the flower. Then it took off and flew away.  

Rosa’s heart raced as she exclaimed “Paro! Paro!”  

The graceful and colourful new creature was soon called Paru-Paro by people of the Philippines. The free soul. The first Butterfly.  On the night of 1st August 2019, 21 years old Bryx Galeon, a son of my good colleague and friend went into a lake, grew beautiful butterfly wings and flew away to a faraway garden. The garden where the sky is always beautiful blue and the waters are turquoise. The garden where warm light never fades away. The garden that knows no war and no poverty. The garden where free souls float from flower to flower, never having to worry about a thing. The Garden where we all will meet one day. 

Bryx flew away and left many aching hearts behind. Hearts of amazing parents, a younger brother and a little princess who worshipped her big, handsome, clever and the best brother in the entire universe. And, hearts of all of us who knew him of course.   

Our beautiful Paru-Paro flew away to a better place. However, his family are in a great need for support. We, friends of his dad are fundraising to help the grieving family through these difficult times. We hope that everyone who knows the family, or doesn’t knows them but can appreciate their pain will participate in this campaign.  

There are ways to incorporate kindness seamlessly in every aspect of our lives and you don’t need to look far for it. Please give as much as you can. 


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