Hearts and Buttons

Hearts and Buttons

To raise money for a new, advanced sewing machine and necessary supplies

We did it!

On 25th Jul 2017 we successfully raised £500 with 1 supporter in 56 days

The story.

I started Hearts and Buttons because I love sewing and I wanted to share my passion with others.
I believe people should be able to buy quality products at fair prices and that’s why I run a transparent business where you know exactly why you pay what you pay. Each product is priced as follows:  cost of materials used, my time £8/h, and 25% profit. ‘My time’ pays my wage,’ materials used’ goes back to buying more materials and the ‘profit’ covers national insurance, equipment maintenance, fuel etc. Everything is priced this way and I don’t inflate prices ‘just because I can’. I want people to feel safe and valued as a customer, knowing that what they pay reflects the cost of production and sustainability of the business.
I am also very passionate about supporting local businesses and being eco-friendly. I only buy my fabric from independent businesses and charity shops (it is always specified when items are made with used fabrics). I also buy ex display curtain panels, sample books etc. A big portion of my fabric stash comes from ‘hand me downs’. At hearts and Buttons any fabric is welcome at any time!
When it comes to all other accessories and equipment I try to buy ‘made in Britain’ where possible.
The production waste is minimal. All fabric scraps are used for ‘scrap quilts’ and whatever is too small to sew, along with thread snippets,  goes into filling dog/cat beds. The only waste then would be the packaging my supplies come in.
That’s my business.

And this is me.
My fascination with sewing started when I was a child. I used to make clothes for my sisters Barbie and it felt so empowering, being able to make something out of nothing. Sadly, since we couldn’t afford fabric I could never make anything for myself. Then I moved from Poland to Wales to study at University and discovered the magic of charity shops. For my first dress I bought a pair of big floral curtains. I stretched out the fabric on the floor, lied down and traced my body to make a pattern and made it into a dress. I sewn it all by hand and it took for ever! But I enjoyed every minute of it and wanted to keep making things. Unfortunately hand sewing is very time consuming…
One lovely lady at church saw me in the dress and asked if I could make her one too. I explained I’d be happy to but it will take a while since I don’t have a sewing machine… The following week I had a sewing machine. She bought one just so I could make her a dress,  and after I did she said I could keep the sewing machine.  It was only a basic one but it meant the world to me.

So here I am, 6 years later having outgrown my basic sewing machine.  I have learned so much since then and I want to learn and sew more. I found a sewing machine that is perfect for all my sewing needs as a small business owner. Hurray!  BUT… the price is a bit steep. That’s why I need your help. Hearts and Buttons is only a year old, and it has been a year of learning what works, what people want to buy and what I want to make/ focus on.  The Janome Atelier 9 does quilting, embroidery, has 300 stitches, buttonholes and many more great features, all of which would not only cut down production time but also aid my creativity.

I have chosen this sewing machine because I know it its versatile and good quality. My current (first) sewing machine is Janome and so is my over-locker (which was also a gift) so I know what to expect. With this sewing machine I would finally be able to make big quilts as well as baby ones, which at the moment is all my sewing machine can handle.
Any money left after the purchase of this sewing machine would be used to buy fabric and sewing accessories.

Thank you for looking at my profile and if you would like to donate please check out the reward section!

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