FOOTPOOL - Snooker Football Activity Centre

FOOTPOOL - Snooker Football Activity Centre

Looking to raise money to open a Snooker Football Activity Centre in Hemel Hempstead, to keep kids off the street and fund local schools

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hey there guys!!

Hope you are well and thank you for coming to this page!

I am looking to open a Football Snooker Activity Centre in Hemel Town. A place that is open late, that is fun and gives children, young teens and even adults something to do to keep them off the streets.

Once its up and running as well I would like to partner up with the local schools and send a percentage of the profits to help fund their after school clubs and sports equipment. 

There is nothing like snooker football around and will bring alot of joy to alot of people, we will also build a gaming room in the back (where we will host football games or gaming events like a mini cinema) and a little tuck shop. 

Would love your imput and even if you put in £1 you will make a difference as their is 104000 people in Hemel alone!

Hemel town has come over in leaps and bounds and its time to put some fun energetic life back into town. Instead of gamgling shops everywhere we could have Snooker Football, Quasar and other family fun, teenage friendly activities!