Football Prediction League

Football Prediction League

A football prediction game unlike any others. Play head to head matches in a full league season against friends/family/colleagues.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I started this predicion league last season with 15 friends and family. This grew this season to 2 divisions of 16 with many more people wanting to get involved. Next season is looking like 4 divisions of 16. Everybody involved says its a great game unlike any they have seen elsewhere.

The participents currently pay £50 each to enter with the entire funds collected being split as prizes at the end of the season.

Weekly fixtures are sent out with a deadline for when predictions have to be sent back by-

Players then repond via whatsapp with their predictions which can be H (home win), A (away win) or D (draw). These predictions are then entered into the fixture table-

The yellow shaded boxes are where players have predicted the same result and these matches are void.

Once the games have been played, a result will be decided by 'goals' scored for correct predictions.

These results work exactly the same as real football, 3 points for a win and 1 for a draw. Goal difference is also included-

Just like real football, the winner is whoever gets the most points over the season.

I am now looking to expand the game with better technology with a new app and to also take it public rather than just a small group currently able to play.