Football Jerseys of The World

Football Jerseys of The World

Giving our business the push it needs to be a massive success

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Back in 2012 myself and my partner started a business selling football shirts from around the World.  As huge football fans, this was an ideal job but also interesting seeing shirts we hadn't seen in years and bringing back wonderful memories.

We managed to secure deals with wholesalers and direct football club stores/megastores. Later in that year, i fell pregnant with our first child. This Was the absolute greatest gifts we had ever been given. Over the following 2 years, we also had two more amazing children. So thankful and happy for these few beauties, they literally changed our life for the better. However with looking after 3 children all under 3 took its toll on being able to fully focus on our business. However, in the last 12 months, we have reconnected with wholesalers/distributors/megastores again and have been able to rekindle the deals and agreements we had in place. We have around £20,000 of current stock and are able to offer fans from around the world shirts of their club from current and previous seasons at a price cheaper than anywhere on the internet and high street stores.

We stock any club that is out there in the UK and abroad, from Alfreton Town to Real Madrid. To get to the next level of success we need to invest a further £60,000. We can raise £30,000 but need help with the further £30,000. Our business model works and we believe giving the loyal fans to our clubs the best possible prices is a must. Football shirts now can set you back anywhere from £55 up for current season shirts. With a household of 5 thats not cheap. All the shirts we stock we pride ourselves on having a mimium of 25% off. With previous seasons up to 80% cheaper than RRP. Saving the fans money! We currently sell on Amazon and are the lowest price on every shirt we sell. We do plan to open our own store online aswell as keep our Successful Amazon store over the next 6 months.

Check out some of the amazing rewards on offer to help us raise the funds we need to grow our business.

Believe in us and save football fans around the world money.