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The project aim is to lead the way for a more sustainable way of enjoying takeaway food without generating unnecessary waste.

by FOOSKA in London, England, United Kingdom

My name is Halima and I'm the founder of Fooska which specialises in vegan cuisines which are delivered in a stainless steel tiffin so that you are not generating unnecessary waste. 

It was always a passion for me to cook and I left my job as a senior finance manager in 2019 to pursue this dream. 

I was shocked and saddened at the amount of waste we were sending to landfill every year. This is when I've decided to come up with a concept which is very near to my heart at the same time able to positively contribute in helping the environment. 

My aim is not only to cook delicious food which people will fall in love with but pave the way for individuals and businesses to know that they can enjoy a takeaway without generating packaging waste by swapping the packaging for a stainless steel tiffin. 

On March 7th 2020, I launched the company with a brand new website and was ready to get the ball rolling. Then we got lockdown. The future seemed very uncertain and very frightening. 

I have left a job which was paying me nearly a 6 figure salary to start up a company which is very close to my heart with a very clear path planned. Of course not knowing that COVID-19 was lurking on a small step behind us to shutter dreams of not only me, but many like me. 

Last several weeks had made me see things in a completely different way. I have seen a sense of community, togetherness and generosity which is very humbling. 

Many have stepped forward extending their hands to me and other small businesses in support however way they can, thank you. 

Together, we can beat this and come out much better and much stronger than ever. 

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