Bring the Foo Fighters to Cornwall

End of the Campaign...


Dear Foos fans,


Well we’ve come to the end of the campaign and it’s time to give you all an update.  We’re afraid it’s not quite the news we were all hoping for – we have not been able to confirm a date with the Foo Fighters to play a gig in Cornwall before we had to close the campaign.  But before you start weeping into your Dave Grohl pillow or your Taylor Hawkins mug, please read on because there is a big shiny silver lining...


The band just couldn’t make it work with their schedule right now.  They were really keen to do it and they are hugely appreciative of the support from Cornwall, but it just wasn’t possible to get a date confirmed in time.  As you all know we didn’t plan to launch this campaign in advance – it happened spontaneously and back then we had no idea they’d be heading off on a world tour of epic proportions right at the point we were trying to get them to come to Cornwall.  For a band at that level there isn’t much scope for dropping everything and playing in an unplanned location.


But as a result of this campaign we WILL host a major rock event in Cornwall, and plans are already well underway.  Sometimes when you start something, you don’t know where it’s going to end up and sometimes it can be a catalyst for something even bigger than you expected.  This campaign has been that catalyst - it has meant that some of the world’s biggest artists have told us that they want to come and play Cornwall.


In the process of planning an event worthy of the Foos, we have ended up with a blueprint for something huge that can attract any of the world’s biggest bands to Cormwall.  They will go where the fans are, and we’ve proven that Cornwall has a lot of music fans.  And you, our supporters who put Cornwall back on the map, will be the first people to be offered the chance to be part of that new event.  We will do everything we can to honour the support you showed for this campaign, and make sure that you all get to rock out on home soil soon.  We will be bringing you more detailed information as soon as we can, watch this space.


We know there are going to be a few miserable people saying “see, I told you so” but to them we’d like to say that Cornwall IS worthy of visits from bands like the Foo Fighters and something big is coming.  The campaign was successful in that we absolutely smashed our fundraising target (lots of people said we’d never raise £150,000, let alone more than double that) and we have put Cornwall on the map in a huge way.  We now hold the record for the highest ever grossing gig-related crowdfunder anywhere in the world, and that’s a really big deal considering how small Cornwall is!


We’re also quietly confident that in the not too distant future the Foos will set foot on Cornish soil and come and play for us – you have spoken and the band have listened, and if they can fit us into their schedule in the future we’re certain that they will.  This is one of the best places in the world, why wouldn’t they?


You don’t need to worry about your pledges or do anything to cancel them - your direct debits will be automatically cancelled and no funds will be claimed.  You will not have been charged anything at all for your pledge. 


So we’re really sorry that this email won’t have you screaming wildly with joy, but there are many reasons to be cheerful and we promise you that there are very exciting things just around the corner.


Go forth and continue to tell the world how brilliant Cornwall is and how soon we’re going to be hosting the biggest bands on the planet.  In the meantime please like our Facebook if you haven’t already as we will be discussing plans and posting updates there -


Thank you again for your support, we will be in touch again very soon with more news.  Keep the faith – our time will come!


Big love from all at Team Foo.



dubsmannie 14:39 27/Feb/2015

Can't say fairer than that! Well done and thanks for all your efforts...

rich.matthews 23:52 27/Feb/2015

Great effort Live at Heartlands... The music fans of Cornwall came together and literally put their money where their mouths are. Look forward to what you have planned for the future. Hopefully we'll get the Foos one day.

Campaign fund-raising has finished




Today is the last official day of fund-raising for the Foo Fighters Cornwall project, and we just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who has pledged.  We are amazed and delighted that the final total is well over £300,000, more than double our original target!! 


From a fund-raising and awareness perspective this campaign has been a bigger success than we could ever have hoped for.  YOU have proven how much the Foo Fighters are wanted in Cornwall and together we have sent the strongest possible message out to the band and their team to consider a date in Cornwall.  We have also sent a strong message out to artists around the world that the Cornish love live music and that as an audience we are a force to be reckoned with.  We know that there are some major booking agents looking at Cornwall for future gigs - that is VERY exciting and all thanks to the two and a half thousand of you who have pledged. 


We have given ourselves until the end of February 2015 to fix a date with the Foo Fighters, and the date may be in 2015 or 2016.  When we manage to secure a date we will let everyone know the details and you will be given plenty of warning before the pledges are collected.  If for any reason we do not manage to secure a date all pledges will be cancelled and no money collected.


A lot of people have been asking 'what else can we do?' and we would suggest that we just need to keep gentle pressure on the band up, so please Tweet or Facebook them when you get the chance, just to keep Cornwall on their radar.  In the meantime we will be working with their 'people' behind the scenes to try and secure a date and we will update you as soon as there is any further news.


Thank you again for your support!


With lots of love from all at Team Foo.

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daverowlands- 12:53 25/Nov/2014

I have been forwarded a message saying that we would have to pledge again due to restrictions on paypal.
Is this correct??
I have tried to contact you through crowdfunder but am unable to?!?!

Nothing confirmed for Cornwall - YET!


Hello Foo fans!


Just a quick update as we appreciate that the Foo Fighters have now announced some UK dates and Cornwall isn't on there.  Those dates were planned some time ago and are part of their stadium tour - we knew that a crowd-funded gig in Cornwall would have to be a bit different and would not be arranged in exactly the same way, so we did not expect to have an announcement at the same time as these dates.


We are still working on getting a date behind the scenes and we have not been told 'no they won't play Cornwall' so it's still a work-in-progress, but any date they can offer us will depend on their festival dates and all the other things a major international band has to think about.   


We always knew this would take time so we really appreciate your patience, especially when some of you may be trying to figure out whether to travel to see them out of county.  We hope to have an answer soon, but it may take a little while longer to get Cornwall in their diary.  We'd ask that you keep the pressure up by Facebooking or Tweeting them and any journalists they're being interviewed by and keep reminding them that we want them to come to Cornwall!


Big love from all at Team Foo!

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kirsty.davis 20:25 13/Nov/2014

When will we know if money is being taken from our accounts, does this only happen if you actually get a date sorted???

Video update


Thank you for your continuing support to bring the Foo Fighters to Cornwall!  We have made a little video to keep you updated :-)


Foo Fighters 2nd crowdfunder video from Tam Johnstone on Vimeo.



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warwick-addison 19:35 06/Oct/2014

It's times like these I'll stick around and hope we can make this happen next year. This is a call to foo fans, let's get behind it, there's no way back!

Stranger things have happened...


We're now well over the £200,000 mark and our faces ache from grinning - thank you again for your pledges!


We wanted to let you know that we are now working on getting a date confirmed.  Proper contact has been made with the band's team - as festival organisers we know how the booking process works and who the people are that we need to talk to so we are going through the right channels.  We always knew this part would take us a while so now we have to wait patiently - the Foo Fighters are doing a big tour next to support their album and they have a lot of places to try and get to, so while WE know that Cornwall should be the most important place to go to in the whole world they do have to try and fit us in with several million other Foo fans!


The more pledges we have the stronger the case is for them to come, so please do keep supporting us and ask others to do the same.  


Lots of love from Team Foo!


chrism1984 14:19 03/Oct/2014

davemoran 08:45 04/Oct/2014

will the money be debited from our account when a date is confirmed or straight away now the target has been reached?

Are you ready for the Foo Fighters??


WE DID IT!! We hit our target of £150,000 in just two days.

THANK YOU to all our backers - together we have achieved something really amazing.

Emails and calls are going in to the Foo Fighters' management and Dave Grohl personally right away to show them what we've done and to try and get a date confirmed asap.  We will keep you posted.

Even though we hit our initial target there are still tickets available so please keep pledging or encouraging other people to. The more people who pledge the higher the chances are of the Foo Fighters committing to a date in Cornwall very soon.

Cornwall you ROCK. 

Love from a very happy and proud Team Foo

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louise.oliver 01:23 02/Oct/2014

Why is it that only direct debit payments are being accepted? ?? Was just going to pledge 4 tickets but direct debit you are guaranteein they can take money out of your account. Shame :-(

monkolli 09:14 02/Oct/2014

Do you mean you want 4 tickets but don't want to pay then?

A massive milestone!


We’ve just hit the £100,000 mark!  In just 48 hours.  It’s just incredible that Cornwall has achieved this – THANK YOU!


We are very conscious of what a huge sum of money this is (and we haven't even hit the target yet!), so we want you to know that getting local bands and local charities involved in bringing the Foo Fighters to Cornwall will be at the heart of all our plans.  This will truly be a gig for Cornwall, in Cornwall, by Cornwall.  And we are sure it will be one of the most amazing gigs the Foo Fighters have ever played!!


We've also reached another milestone - national media!  Check out  The interview requests have started rolling in so we expect more attention in the coming days.  Look what we've all managed to achieved together!


Now let’s see how quickly we can get to our target of £150,000 – keep sharing please!


Lots of love from a very happy and excited 'Team Foo'

Cornwall Needs Foo!


A big hello to all you wonderful people.


Firstly a huge THANK YOU for supporting the campaign to get the Foo Fighters to Cornwall.  We are now half way to our target - we  have raised an incredible £75,000 in just 24 hours!  You are all amazing and we are overwhelmed by your support.


But we can't relax yet - the band's management are now watching this campaign and we need to prove that Cornwall REALLY wants this gig to happen, so we need to hit our target as quickly as possible.


If every one of you that has already backed us could get just one more person to do the same, we will hit our target in the next hour.  So please share the link with all your friends and family - - and ask them to pledge too.  Even when we hit our target we need to keep going, the more pledges we have the stronger the case for getting the band to Cornwall will be.


Lots of you have had questions and hopefully you've found the answers on the Crowdfunder website or on our Facebook page, but do get let us know if anything isn't clear.


Thank you again and keep spreading the word!


With love from Angela, James and all the members of 'Team Foo'!

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