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by Shabnam Hatim Thathia in Motherwell, Scotland, United Kingdom

Before giving birth to my son in 2015, I worked as a research scientist for six years. I took 1-year maternity leave and then was never able to get back into my career. I now work in the banking sector as a PPI Advisor. I am hardworking, and I look forward to new challenges in life. During the maternity leave of my second son, I thought of an idea to minimise food wastage. I feel now is the right time to invest in my idea and build my own business.


Food waste is one of the major issues for the world, as 1.3 billion tonnes of the food produced in the world is wasted. To give perspective in terms of money US$990 billion worth of edible food was wasted.

Let's talk about what happens in the UK. A WRAP study found 50mT of food produced & imported in the UK, of which around10mT of food is wasted. 10mT Food waste was based on different industries, as shown in the figure below:

Based on the breakdown, the household waste counts for 71% of the total edible food waste, which counts for roughly £17 billion per year and £ 700 per family per year on average. 

The question now is: what are the reasons for wasting so much food?

Key findings from the WRAP study showed that 70% of the food wasted was not used in time.

Who We are.......

FOODROID is an AI (Artifical Intelligence) based program which plans your weekly or Monthly cooking based on the preference of cuisines selected. FOODROID personalises the recipe and cuisine based on the number of people in the family and what they like, so you don't have to worry about changing the quantities to cook a recipe. It helps you cook the right amount, to minimise wastage and enables you to save money. It also finds the recipes based on the main items in the user's kitchen, letting you cook healthy and delicious recipes. FOODROID keeps a record of the items in that kitchen and generates an automated grocery list based on a weekly plan and what you have cooked.   We are planning to collaborate with supermarkets, allowing users to buy the ingredients required for the recipe based on FOODROID's weekly plan and the grocery list created. 


Our Vision...

Where We Are.......

We are in the phase of developing the Web-based platform and Algorithms for FOODROID with the help of Technical Experts. 

-The first phase will be making sure the Web-based interface and Algorithms works, giving users a personalised experience and developing critical filters for FOODROID to work for you.

-The Second Phase is to mimic the web-based programme into an Android and Apple App to give user better experience and letting FOODROID be part of your daily life by planning delicious recipes and reducing wastage.

-The Third phase is to engage with Supermarkets and try to build a system which allows the user to place an order using the APP.

-The fourth phase is to trial the App

-The fifth phase is the Launch of FOODROID.

 How you can help...

I am hoping you can help me in developing FOODROID which help everyone in reducing the household food wastage. With your help, securing £20,000 will allow us to:

- Pay the Technical Experts who are developing Algorithms and AI for FOODROID

- Pay the Website Designers who are building FOODROID Website

- Pay the APP Developers who are developing FOODROID App

- Pay Technical Experts to create a database for recipes


A Massive Thanks for Your Support

I Shabnam Thathia appreciate and am hugely grateful to you for reading my crowdfunding page and for all the support everyone has provided so far. I look forward to growing FOODROID together with you, so that we all can contribute to saving this planet by reducing household food wastage and CO2 Emissions.

Best Regards


Shabnam Thathia


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