Food Van for Farnworth and Kearsley Foodbank

Food  Van for Farnworth and Kearsley Foodbank

Help us fund a van for the foodbank so that we can help those most in need, when they need it.

We did it!

On 16th Dec 2015 we successfully raised £1,190 of £1,000 target with 9 supporters in 56 days

New stretch target

Thank you for helping us reach our initial target! Any money raised over this will be used to buy the resources we need to keep feeding people - including things like specialist foods - vegan, gluten free, halal, baby milk formula etc. Money is also needed to help us get our Little Hulton Distribution Centre up and running for an additional day so that people can access the foodbank when they need it most.

UPDATE: FUNDS HAVE BEEN MET EXTERNALLY!! Thanks to recent press coverage highlighting our need for a van Bolton Council and Councillor Ibrahim have agreed to fund the full £1000 we need to keep our foodbank van on the road for a year. We are keeping the funding page open to get a head start on fundraising for next year and the funds that have been raised so far (£160 at time of writing) will also be used for the van for the servicing and upkeep. Thank you to all who have donated so far, your donations go a long way to helping local people in real need by helping us get food to the people that need it most.

We have decided to keep the crowdfunding page open, but as well as funding for the van fo next year we will be using monies raised to help us pay for the upkeep of our warehouse (utilities etc.) and the running of our distribution centres which need things like utilities, equipment to help us signpost and to buy specific food items that the foodbank needs if we ever run out, as well as all those 5p bags that we use. Your help will enable us to ensure that every person referred to us due to crisis will get a nutrionally balanced food parcel that will feed them and their family for three days, as well as signposting and other help to get them back on their feet.




(The old appeal)

Help us fund a van for the foodbank so that we can help those most in need, when they need it.

Farnworth and Kearsley Foodbank fed 3643 people in crisis last financial year and are looking to do the same again this year. Clients of the foodbank are referred to us by professional agencies who have identified someone as being in need of help with food. We then provide for them a three day package of food for them and their dependants, as well as a listening ear where it is most needed. We are completely staffed by amazing volunteers who give up their time to ensure that no one in our area needs to go hungry. The people who come to us are usually out of hope, tried everything they can to feed themselves and their families, and just need a bit of breathing space and a listening ear to help them find solutions and get back on track.

We gave out over 28 tonnes of food and recieved 27 tonnes of food just last year - all of which needs to be taken to our warehouse, checked to ensure it is in-date and undamaged before being taken to one of our three distribution centres across Farnworth and Little Hulton. So far we have been reliant on volunteers and their vehicles to help us out and have needed a van for a long time. Finally we have been given an opportunity to put this right!

A neighbouring foodbank kindly offered us their van for FREE to help us move this mountain of food to where it needs to be. However, we need help to ensure that we can keep this van on the road and that is where you come in. Foodbanks overwhelmingly get donations of food, but unfortunately we can't just run on beans! We need some finances too.

Can you help us with covering the cost of insurance, tax, mots, petrol and other general upkeep costs? The money you give will enable us to do more and more to get emergency help to those that need it most, when they need it most.


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