Food Tree

Food Tree

Food Tree will provide homeless people in Harrow, a warm and safe place to sleep, hot meals and necessities to survive cold winter nights

We did it!

On 2nd Apr 2016 we successfully raised £1,445 with 36 supporters in 56 days

Jurijus has been homeless since last November 2015 after losing his contractual job. We have reached out to different homeless shelters and organisations but have not received any support for Jurijus till date. London Street Rescue has offered him one option which is to go back to Lithuania, from where he came 8 years ago. He left Lithuania after leaving the army which he had to do from being a young boy,  and has no relatives or connections left there. He found himself homeless after separating from his wife. He has just recently lost her, she was suffering from Cancer. Jurijus walks over an hour daily to look for potential work contracts. When he finds work through agencies he will walk every morning over an hour to the site, complete a day's work then walk back to Harrow and sleep on the streets again. All he needs is; hot meals, showers and a warm place to sleep every night.

There are hundreds of people like Jurijus in London. This winter there has been 47 (reported cases) referrals made to the Winter Shelter in Harrow area (according to the Winter Shelter manager). Winter Shelter can provide beds to only 7 people on benefits and 3 emergency beds.

The majority of the homeless that we have worked with do not want to claim benefits; they want a warm place to sleep so that they can go to work every day without having to go back onto the streets to sleep at night once they finish work. 

What happens to the other 37 homeless people? 

Option 1 - we hear their story and leave them to sleep in the freezing cold weather in the streets of Harrow.

Option 2 – we do what we can to support them.

We have decided to choose Option 2, volunteer and fundraise to support these homeless and marginalised people in Harrow. Food tree is a project through which we will provide homeless people in Harrow;

  • a safe place to sleep 
  • hot food in the cold winter nights.
  • essential clothes, toiletries
  • blankets, scarfs 
  • travel expenses to access necessities.

We need money for providing:

  • 15 hot meals every day for 60 days at £2.00 per meal                              = £1800.00
  • 4 beds for homeless people for 30 days at £20.00 per day                        = £ 2400.00
  • Hardship fund (to provide travel/ toiletries/ blanket) at £10.00 for 60 days  = £600.00

By supporting them with hot meals and a roof over their head, we will continue to work with them to find a job and permanent accommodation. Through this they will gain stability, be empowered to live independently with long term sustainability.

Please raise your hands and pledge to support Jurijus and others like him.

If you would like more information on the project please contact us on 07803295210 or email

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