Food grinder or processor

by Ola odu in Houghton Le Spring, England, United Kingdom

Food grinder or processor
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To set up a food processor or grinder manufacturing company NE England as a healthy susbstitute to that which is used presently in Africa.

by Ola odu in Houghton Le Spring, England, United Kingdom

Presently in Africa we have locally fabricated food processing or grinding machines made with iron or metal which are susceptible to rust. These machines are then coated with anti rust paint which are a danger to health as these chemical susbatnaces find their way into the processes food which when consumed are a clear and present danger to human health.

These machines are used all over Africa from Nigeria with over 180 million people to The Gambia with less than 20million. 

What I want yo to is to manufacture here in the north east of England a healthier food grinder or processor using food grade metal or aluminium. That is more robust, durable and efficient . Thus helping to not only save lives but reduce waste of the food processed. 

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