Food Friends Healthy Lunch Delivery @ Work Service

Healthy, super-food lunch & juice "delivery @ work" service in Bristol. For people who are BIG on health and little on time.

We did it!

On 8th Aug 2016 we successfully raised £185 with 5 supporters in 21 days

ABOUT US:  Food Friends have helped 100's of people with their health over the past ten years through diet. It is now time to take OUR Food Friends team to the masses and we need your help!

OUR GOAL: To help thousands of people access good nutrition - SIMPLE!

OUR PROJECT: Healthy, super-food lunch & juice "delivery @ work" service based in Bristol, for people who are BIG on health and little on time.

PROJECT LEADER: Natural Nutritionist & Health Chef Diana Lynn

OUR MISSION: To put the 'Va Va Voom' into healthy eating.

WHY? Most of us spend over 40 hours a week working! For many people it is difficult to juggle work demands with family let alone individual personal needs. Often food is 'fast' in plastic, compromised, replaced with coffee or just forgotten.

We are passionate about healthy food and aim to provide easy to access healthy lunches to businesses, surgeries, office blocks or in fact any place of work!  Our Menus provide organic, nutritious, healthy, super-food lunches, juices, smoothies, nutrition cakes, super salads and even a super-food sandwich! ALL at affordable prices and delivered into the workplace  in clean, green and environmentally supportive packaging. 

Lunch really could be the best meal of the day!

Healthy food does not have to be boring! We want as many people as possible to access healthy, nutritious food quickly and easily. Our aim is to make eating healthy effortless, enjoyable, special, fulfilling, uplifting and energising. Our mission is to bring Va Va Voom back to wholesome meals! No more afternoon slumps or bloating because none of our food contains artificial ingredients, wheat, dairy or refined sugars. In addition, all of our food is freshly made locally to order and prepared in our Food Friends kitchen.

Food Friends work with local suppliers & producers of fresh, organic (where possible) and chemical free vibrant produce. We want only the best ingredients for our lunches. Our customers health & wellbeing is our priority, it is our duty to make sure our customers recieve the very best whole-some, natural nutrition!


  • The biggest outlay is our STOCK! We are constantly sharing samples with our potential clients as we see this as a very important part of our service. The proof that healthy food tastes great is in the tasting, so to keep building our brand we need to keep on top of our stocks so we can offer samples to the work-place. Our Nutritionist Diana Lynn is heading the project,  setting up meetings, creating samples and pushing the project forward which means other Food Friends business has been on the back-burner and we desparately need some funds to push this project out into the wider community.
  • Our second biggest outlay is establishing ourselves in new territory. We need to publicise, advertise and market our brand. We need our message to be clear, our service easy to understand and use. We will be working with branding experts to make this happen. We need to create posters and integrate 'lunch delivery @ work into our current website and media set. This will include a web site overhaul.
  • Funding for 'Green'. We believe in 'Green' but we need funding to support our packaging which must confirm to environmental and ecological sustainability. We need to brand the packaging with our 'Food Friends' logo. We also intend to create a corporate branded 'green' T-shirt so we stand out in the city.
  • And not forgetting the practicals, we also need 1 large fridge-freezer to add to our already full space and/or look for kitchen space to hire so that we can base ourselves to create, store and work. We also need to add a further portable fridge so we can expand our delivery service.


We have created some lovely rewards in exchange. Please take a look and become a part of our expanding Food Friends community. Your contribution will spread even more healthy vibes out into the wider community. 

Magic can happen when we all come together to share a vision.

You can find the full story of Food Friends here.

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