Food For Nought
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To open 10 more community fridges and supply more free food to those in need,

by Cocoa Fowler in Peterborough, England, United Kingdom

One man, one van, one year - One hundred tonnes of food diverted from landfill and delivered to the needy in Peterborough.





For the last twelve months, Cocoa Fowler has been a man on a mission – Helping to divert tonnes of potential food waste from landfill, to those in need in Peterborough, with his company, Food For Nought.

Cocoa is partially disabled himself, but his armed forces background has stood him in good stead, overcoming his own pain to help those less fortunate than himself.

He started out with a battered old car and borrowed trailer, collecting surplus food from willing retailers and producers, before then delivering it to community food fridges and charities.

With the help of local businesses and charities he has now secured a sign written van and is looking to expand his pick-ups and deliveries, open a shop and offer cookery courses.

To do all this, Cocoa needs help, both financial and physical.

“Due to my condition I can only spend three of four hours a week picking up potential waste food and delivering it to the charities that are feeding the needy, on any particular day. But I have only just scratched the surface – There is thousands of tonnes of surplus food out there that could be put to better use and there is certainly a need in the community.”

Cocoa has been helped by a number of retailers and food producers in Peterborough who have gifted Food for Nought their excess produce – Riverford Organic, Marks and Spencer, Barnack Distribution and Tesco’s, are just some of the companies who have heeded the call.

David Wait, is the manager of the Serpentine Green shopping centre in Hampton and has introduced Cocoa to businesses that could aid his efforts.

“All we have done is facilitate the good work that Cocoa has done already” says David, “He is helping thousands of people in the Peterborough area and I am proud to be a part of it.

Everyone should help with this if they can – it is stopping perfectly good food going to landfill and at the same time helping those who are in real need.”

Pete Melkowski, owner of local company, Print Solutions is also helping Cocoa – “This man is giving his own time to bring people and companies together to help others – his efforts should be championed and that’s why we are helping.”

Cocoa has suffered hard times himself and knows what it is like to be ‘in need.’

With the right help and support from local people and businesses, he is confident that he can triple or even quadruple the service that Food For Nought supplies, but he needs help.

Can you help Cocoa on his mission to cut food waste and help the needy at the same time?