Twale Cuisine - A different kind of Food in Wales.

To get an African Food Truck on the road that inspires success stories about great Food, beautiful Cultures and mutual Respect.

We did it!

On 20th May 2017 we successfully raised £1,825 with 27 supporters in 42 days

We want you to join us in telling a success story of how the power of food was used to improve the economic wellbeing and intercultural relations of a community. With your help, we can create exciting twists and turns in every chapter. This is why Debo & Derin (Husband and Wife) started Twale Cuisine. The word Twale (Tw-ah-lay) was adopted from a Nigerian slang used as a salute to show admiration, respect and service. Twale’s values boarder on great FOOD, celebration of CULTURE and promoting mutual RESPECT.

The Plot:


  • Mr Tasty “Jollof Rice” and Ms Delectable “Fried Plantain” are examples of delicious African foods you cannot find in any restaurant in Swansea. But they reside with Derin & Debo’s family along with Boss-man “grilled chicken drumstick”. These delicacies have had great reception whenever Derin & Debo host guests at home or are taken along for outings.
  • Jollof Rice and buddies love sparking discussions, excitement and warmth because they are sweet, spicy and fun like that!  :) 
  • Debo & Derin come from a tribe nicknamed ‘Owambe’ people (because of their love for hosting and entertaining people with good food and music) and they know they’ve got to share the distinctive community feel of this African offering on the streets of Swansea.

The Struggle:

  • Though they have council approval to feed the public from home at the moment, their domestic kitchen is rather small and restrictive in terms of space and people they can reach so they want to get outdoors.

Rising Action:

  • Derin & Debo conceived an idea to buy something like this…

. . . And turn it into something like this . . . 

. . . so that Mr. Tasty Jollof rice and his buddies can interact with lots more people on the streets in Swansea.

This is where you come in to help write a twist in this story. With your help, we aim to raise £43,100. To be invested like this:

  • Truck Cost (fully fitted)      -          £36,000
  • Truck rebranding                   -          £1,000 - £2,000
  • Pitch Cost                                  -          £600 - £1,200 (6 – 12 months)
  • Salary for 1 new staff         -           £3,900 on an initial 3 months contract

Intended direction (short, medium and long term goals) 

  • To provide employment and be mentors to  budding entreprenuers in our community by paying for food hygiene trainings, providing work experience and helping with applications to get into work. Thus, helping them earn respect. We will dedicate 15% of our profits to this.
  • To actively help combat hunger in our community by using another 5% of our profits to contribute to food banks who identify and give to people in dire need free of charge.
  • To make African Cuisine mainstream in our community
  • To be a model food business that actively empowers people,  celebrates diversity and cultural appreciation. Hopefully we are able to open another outlet in Cardiff a year or two from now.

About the Business Owners

Derin is a qualified public health specialist by training and holds 2 Masters degrees; one from Swansea University, United Kingdom. She has enjoyed cooking and catering for large and small events, in and out of the UK for over 15 years. In her spare time, she enjoys reading family building oriented blogs. Derin loves Welsh cakes!

Debo completed his MBA (Masters in Business Administration) from Swansea University 2 years ago, where he started working on the idea of Twale Cuisine. He has enjoyed cooking and hosting friends and guests for a little over 20 years. In his spare time, he volunteers with an arm of his local church that supports the homeless and people recovering from substance abuse. Debo loves a great sense of humour. 

Ending the story

With your help, a chapter of this story can end by you helping us hit our target. However, we do not intend for this story to end, we want to continue with spin-offs. We want to be able to celebrate positive life changing stories your contributions have made possible well into the future. However, to end this chapter we are desperately hoping to get this truck on the move.

A little more information

  • We anticipate at the end of 3 months the business would have generated enough funds to pay our newly hired staff on a permanent basis.
  • A day in each quarter of the year will be dedicated to our "Twale Legend Wall of Famers" who will have an opportunity to nominate and vote for charities to which we will make donations of our profits from these dedicated days in their collective name.
  • We have a standing agreement with a leading social housing provider in Swansea to nominate a tenant(s) or individual(s) who will benefit from our sponsored food safety training.
  • We are on social media. Facebook:
  • Twitter: @TwaleL  and Instagram: @twalecuisine  

Thanks a lot for sparing some time to read, thanks for donating and thank you for sharing.

Diolch yn fawr. Ese pupo. Daalu. Nagode. 

God bless :)

Debo & Derin Omole

April 2017

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