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Expansion. Pure and simple. But we are aware of changes that need to be made in order for us to do so

by Ben Starman in Holdingham, England, United Kingdom

We currently operate in a small town in Lincolnshire. The business opened its doors on 30th September with the expectation of earning a small amount to put towards Christmas alongside a full time job. However, 2373 orders later, this is now a full time income. We have taken on board 8 local businesses offering their menus through our current website. The business is coming into the final stages of app testing, which will allow us to manage the orders and relaying orders to driver much more efficiently. We currently have 6 self employed drivers which cover our current area.

We are also looking at expanding into another rural location, the reception of which has been exceptional and we have entered talks with local businesses in that area also.

We do now need to be getting to a point where we need to streamline how we send orders to businesses due to starting the business with no funding, it is an exceptionally manual process involving, WhatsApp or phone calls. We want to put a POS in place where orders placed through our app/website will be directed straight to the restaurant and simultaneously send the order to a driver with the most availability. We will charge the local businesses a much lesser commission rate than what they could be charged with the larger delivery businesses.

We also want to carry out some research into what other areas can be used as a “base” along with the potential delivery radius for each area identified to match with our business model. Each area will require drivers therefore creating work, and our model is exceptionally competitive in comparison to others, offering businesses who sign up a much better deal.

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