Food by AJ

by AJ Tear and Maria Sfiridou in Greece


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Help Maria and I realise our dream of running a veggie cafe!

by AJ Tear and Maria Sfiridou in Greece

New stretch target

Ensure we survive financially in the first couple of very precarious years... and let us buy the equipment that will really help us produce delicious, healthy food as efficiently as we can (especially to enable a healthy work/life balance!)

I am excited to announce that I’m finally realising my ambition of opening a veggie café! I lost my beloved job at the Castle Climbing Centre due to the pandemic, and that gave me cause to re-think my life.

So my best friend Maria and I will be combining our talents to open a small café in our summer home, Skala Eressos, Mytilene, Greece.

It's an intimate place, so our food will be mostly take away. Our vision is to offer local, seasonal, organic and healthy food1618505462_healthy_eating.jpg with as little environmental impact as possible.

I plan to source some eco re-usable containers that customers will be able to purchase on their first visit, then bring them back clean to use again and again during their stay in Eressos. Or bring their own and get a discount - anything to avoid unnecessary waste.

The business we are buying has a lot of equipment included, but I will need to buy a few more things to have all the kit necessary to produce our delicious meals efficiently! In addition, the previous owner installed a fantastic water filtering system, but I will need to replace the main filter.

That and a powerful food processor will cost around £1500 alone. The official paperwork (lawyers, contracts, bank fees, civil engineer, accountant and other miscellaneous services) will cost about the same. These costs are additional to the price of the business.

We’re confident that we have the skills and experience to succeed, though I’m sure you can imagine that starting a business, particularly in a tourist area in the midst of the Covid19 pandemic, carries some risk. It's a big outlay of money to start with, which I've been fortunate enough to have mainly loaned to me by a couple of amazing friends at low or no interest for the first couple of years.

However, we would really like to crowdfund around £2500 to help us with these first year costs. Maria and I have spent many hours cooking for friends over the years, and I know we have built up a lot of fans who would like to support us! And everyone who knows me knows I'm all about community - so the idea that friends and supporters contribute to this project feels so good!



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