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Food Bank and Delivery Services.

by Team Oasis in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

Food Bank and Delivery Services.


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We offer a free food bank every week which helps up to 40 families each week to feed their families. We want to offer a delivery service too

by Team Oasis in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

What we are doing to help during the Pandemic: 

Team Oasis and our community have been struck hard by the Covid-19 crisis, just like every other community. We have had to reevaluate how we can help our community through these trying times. Here is a list of things we are doing and plan to keep on doing whilst we face this crisis: 

  • Delivery service: We have had very generous donations of arts and crafts supplies, games, food goods and footballing equipment which we have been delivering to the families of our local community. We have delivered to over 300 homes already with these goods, and look to deliver to over 500 more homes in the next few weeks. 
  • Food Bank service: We have set up a food bank at our community centre in Dingle, taking the left over food from Tesco and we are also signed up to Fareshare UK, and we use this food to distribute it to families from our community. This has had a fantastic response and our tables are empty every time at the end of only 3 hours. We gave free food out to up to 30 people, which means we could have reached in excess of over 100 people with this food (taking into account the number of people they live with), and we will be continuing this food bank service going forward. ( team_oasis_whats_happening/) 
  • Online Training Videos: We have had to really think outside the box with how we will continue our normal teaching to the young people who learn from and look forward to our classes. We have started up a Youtube account specific to our regular classes and have started to upload videos showing our regular instructors teaching a certain topic of their classes and uploading this to our youtube, facebook and instagram for all of our members to follow along to, and learn from home. You can find this here: v=NUy5Febyp48&t=341s 
  • Zoom Calls: The lack of interaction is hard for both adults and young people alike. Everyone needs someone to talk to, catch up and check in on. These times of isolation will be incredibly detrimental to our young peoples education and mental health. We have been doing weekly zoom calls, where members of our staff and members of our beneficiaries can gain access to and simply chat to each other for around an hour. 
  • Voluntary Services: We have enrolled our services to many voluntary groups, for all of our staff to help when we be called upon. We have offered our centre as a food hub which we are now doing, we have offered our centre as a medical supply storage should it be required, we have offered our staffs time should there be any voluntary work needed, and we have also offered our minibus as a form of transport for anything needed. 
  • Fact Museum Project: We are also aiding the Fact Museum in their new online project, and trying to get our young people involved and interacting with their project to keep themselves busy at home.

What we look to do with your money is to help support us for the next three months to continue delivering these services - specifically the food bank service.

The outcome of our work: 

  • We want to address the imminent issue right now of our young people of Liverpool being confined to their own homes for the foreseeable future due to the Corona Virus. 
  • The Corona Virus is still on the rise, and is looking to have its ‘peak’ level some time nearer to June, meaning we have a potential to be in Isolation for another 2 months, and maybe after that with the slow decline of the virus. 
  • During this time it permits our young people and our community members to a lifestyle of isolation, being away from their friends/family and valuable education. This can be detrimental on the mental health of our young people, and also detrimental to their education. 
  • Even when we are out of these dark times of Corona virus, we still have a problem of young people who simply go to school and go home, some of whom don’t even go to school due to behavioural issues or mental health barriers. These hard to reach young people won’t leave their houses for any social interaction or extra curricular learning. These are the people we will be targeting and reaching out to, this is what we want to combat. 
  • Team Oasis has a valuable influence in our local community, near enough everyone of the community knows of or has been involved with Team Oasis in one way or another. This means that we can make valuable and long lasting impact on these community members. We improve the lives of our community in so many ways, and have both written and video testimonials to back this up. 
  • We have a 17 year track record of serving our community, our young people, our adults and our elderly. We have expanded from a simple youth group of 8 kids in the beginning to now offering our young people classes in dancing, drama, singing, music, martial arts, film making, photography, multi sports, duke of Edinburgh award, Erasmus projects, environmental awareness, help with employment for our young adults, and much more all of which are taught by industry professionals in their areas. 
  • Due to all of this, we believe that we will have no problem making a success of this project and making it sustainable as we have done with so many other projects. 
  • The main positive outcomes would simply be: we have provided free education to everyone who has the means and the need of accessing it. We have provided free food with a clear need for it considering our tables were left empty. We have provided moments of escapism through our online video calls as well as our provision of games and arts and crafts to keep these young people busy and active. We have helped subdue any mental health problems which may arise from this lockdown. We are still working with well respected local organisations such as Tesco and Fact Museum to provide vital services that our community needs right now. 

Let's make 'Food Bank and Delivery Services.' happen

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