Food and basic provisions

by Alice in Kolkata, Kolkata, India

Food and basic provisions


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To provide basic provisions to those who are in very real need during this time of crisis, in Kolkata, India.

by Alice in Kolkata, Kolkata, India

Across the world there are stories of communities and people coming together -  humanity at it’s most beautiful. Let’s keep that up, wherever you maybe!  

I would love you to consider the very real need at this time that we have in this city, Kolkata, India.

JKPS, under whom I serve as a Music Therapist, continues to work hard at this time to provide care, provisions and food to those who are suffering. In many areas in the city they are directly supplying provisions to the needy, items such as rice, dhal (pulses), potato, oil, surgical masks, and in certain areas working alongside like-minded organisations. The photographs below are at Sealdah Railway station and at Beliaghata Shelter where JKPS is partnering with Emmanuel Ministries.

Let's make 'Food and basic provisions' happen

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