Following Dreams

Murran Mackay is a wheelchair racer with a dream of becoming a paralympian.

We did it!

On 15th Oct 2015 we successfully raised £350 with 15 supporters in 56 days

About Me

My name is Murran Mackay. I am 13 years old and I have Spina Bifida. I do not have any movement from my hips down which means that I cannot walk and have to use a wheelchair to get around. I have used a wheelchair from the age of two but I am quite a confident, friendly and passionate young girl who has a determination to get as far as I can with my dreams. I have recently developed a keen interest in wheelchair racing which allows me to start my journey to becoming a wheelchair racer and taking part in the Paralympics.


I live in a small town in Scotland called Kirriemuir and there isn’t very much for me to do here in terms of sports. It is particularly difficult for me to take part in any sporting activities at school making it harder for me to obtain any regular exercise and stay active. With my interest in wheelchair racing, there is limited support in my community for what I do. This requires me to travel to larger places such as Dunfermline Grangemouth or Glasgow in order to train and get better at what I do best.


I am really into my sporting activities and have been over the years to stay active. I competed at many different levels in various events including swimming and track and field events. I have won many medals with the majority of them being gold. I have been competing in wheelchair racing for over a year and I have won several gold and silver medals.

I have recently been classified as a T54 wheelchair racer and I am also registered on the Power of Ten profile system. This system allows people to track my progress and keep up-to-date with how I perform in events. (

Before getting any racing chairs I was already competing in events and I won a race against a boy who had been doing wheelchair racing a lot longer than me.

With a borrowed racing chair, I was able to compete in track events in Grangemouth where I came first for the 60 metre race and third in the 100 metres and 200 metres. I also won gold medals for the 100m and 200m when competing in Perth.

I also take part in wheelchair basketball and I am part of the Under 15 Scottish Wheelchair Basketball team. We have just recently returned from a successful trip to Worcester where we played in national tournaments against teams from all over the UK.

My dream

In the next 5 years, I hope that I have developed many more skills and trained as hard as I can to compete in events like the London Mini Marathon and the Paralympics.

How Can You Help?

My aim is to raise £8,000 which will help me to succeed my dream of becoming a paralympian. There is a lot of money spent on my training and the maintenance of my new racing chair and what you donate here can really help to continue my journey.

My new racing chair currently has a standard set of wheels but I would benefit from having carbon wheels to use as they make the chair a lot faster and much lighter, making it easier to race and beat my times. However, a set of three carbon wheels costs approximately £1,500 therefore it is difficult to buy a set to put on my chair and have a spare set in case there are punctures.  

This target also includes the price of buying appropriate clothing and equipment for training and racing, the cost of travelling to competitions and accommodation, fuel expenses, fees for the use of the racing track in Dundee to train and for events, and the cost of buying other items that will be useful in case something happens to the chair.

If you are a company looking to support me there is an opportunity to gain more publicity for your business. Have a look at the rewards on the right for details.

Every penny donated by you will support me for the next five years. Thank you!

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