Focus Rides - riding out of depression

Project by Kevin Smith
Focus Rides - riding out of depression

I'm raising funds for a business start up to help people with depression and anxiety through sport - in particular, through cycling

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This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 11:19am 13th September 2018

This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 11:19am 13th September 2018

In January 2014 I hit an all-time low.  

I  struggled to get out of bed, I didn’t want to interact with my son, I wouldn’t answer the phone to friends and I couldn’t go out of the house. 

My family and friends noticed a big change - my lack of confidence and self-esteem. 

I changed from a very active, confident guy to what I felt like was a drain on society, so I went to seek help at my local GP,.

He diagnosed me with depression and gave me some options: 

  • Take medication and have therapy sessions, probably for a long time
  • To exercise. 

He told me that the medication would be the best option to treat my deep depression but i decided that I wasn’t going to take the medication and I would get out on my mountain bike instead. 

As a keen mountain bike rider from a boy and also a mountain bike coach, I knew I had a passion for cycling - which had gone with the depression. I knew it would be a good focus for me to get back into doing something I loved previously.

After a couple of months of riding I was starting to notice a big difference in myself, I was starting to socialise and interact with my family and most importantly my son. 

I started to go on more technical routes which would take me out of my comfort zone and get me thinking and working out situations that would confront me at that point. 

This was a very effective way of taking my mind of things and the problems that had faced me in the past.

Once I finished the rides I sat down still fuelled with a sense of purpose and achievement.

Having depression taught me a lot about myself.  

It taught me that no matter what background you come from or what you have in life won’t make a difference to how you feel, it’s how you utilise the things around you to make you feel good and that’s what cycling did for me.

 Now  I am fully fit and back to my old self - I am enjoying life again, and I want others to gain their old selves back too.

My business' aim is to help both children and adults with mental health issues by taking groups cycling, helping them think in different ways, to give them challenges in life that will take them out of their comfort zone and to teach them life skills, hopefully to try and avoid medication.

So - I have organised permission from the owner for the usage of some beautiful woodlands in rural Lincolnshire for cycle trails, have insurances in place and have arranged a venue for safety and other training. 

I have also been checked and approved (DBS) for working with children and vulnerable people too.

BUT to set this business up I need help funding to buy tools, bikes and safety equipment such as helmets. 

With these tools and bikes,  I intend running practical hands-on classroom courses for children and adults, learning how to build a bike from the component parts, so they really understand how cycles work and feel a sense of achievement straight away with a finished bike.

Then, with the bikes they have just assembled I would take them and teach them to really ride!

At the end of the course, when everyone has left, I would disassemble the bikes, ready for the next course participants.......

Crowdfunding help would enable me to make a substantial positive difference to the lives of the participants, I can't create this on my own so I'm asking for your help


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