FlyPlymouth Airport Reopening Project

by FlyPlymouth in Plymouth

We did it
On 6th July 2015 we successfully raised £21,521 with 244 supporters in 56 days

FlyPlymouth is developing a credible plan to reopen Plymouth Airport and we need your help.

by FlyPlymouth in Plymouth

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siggson 2nd July 2015

When you consider what Stobart Air have done with Southend Airport you can imagine how viable Plymouth could become. Let's all back FlyPlymouth.

marian.forbes 30th June 2015

So glad this may happen. Thank you for pushing forward with it. We should have air links, hopefully at reasonable prices unlike the last operator. Good luck.

noelle.greenaway 30th June 2015

The airport should never have been closed. Plymouth is the biggest City on the south coast and needs transport infrastructure of every sort. If there is now no money for HS2, what is the likelihood of new rail infrastructure in the West? I think we all know the answer. FLYPLYMOUTH is the way forward.

floridabill 29th June 2015

Lets stop the land grabbers from getting away with it. Plymouth needs an airport and not everybody believes things have to stop at Exeter or Bristol. Stand up and be counted Plymothians. Trying to get to Gatwick or Heathrow is a nightmare, whatever method you choose, and a lot more expensive than a flight, we want to be connected to the world again. Keep up the great work you do!

dean.roberts 26th June 2015

I can picture the time in the near future, where I'll zip off from Plymouth airport for a business meeting in Zurich. Or flyout on a Friday night for a romantic evening in Paris

stephen.johnson.1 19th June 2015

when I was younger, I could leave the door of my home in Milehouse and be in France within 2 hours having a coffee among the smell of Gitanes in a Cherbourg cafe, when I was older I could fly to Heathrow ..".just like that", when older still I could check in at Plymouth and collect my bags in Rome, getting older I could leave my house in Leigham at 7.30 am and walk into the doorway of my Manchester office at 9.30am - feeling great!!!! Now almost retired I can`t do any of that and whatever I do do, leaves me exausted, late and running!!! The very best to you all. As Piran knows I have large Brymon, BA, ASW photo archive which you are welcome to. cheers, Steve Johnson

georgina.newland 16th June 2015

My Husband and I looking forward Plymouth reopening ,people that live by it should bloody move, the airport was for Plymouth long before them. Good Luck Peter & Georgina Newland

christom 15th June 2015

I am so glad you are stepping into the breach! I couldn't believe it when a couple of years ago I heard the Airport was closing down - that a city the size of Plymouth couldn't sustain such a vital link with the rest of the UK, at least! Hopefully too, there will be space for private plane owners to land when visiting. Keep up the good work!! Chris Rayner

flyian 9th June 2015

Great to hear you're supporting General Aviation. As an almost-there student pilot, Plymouth Airport is high on my visit list! Ian

geoff-wright 31st May 2015

Wishing you every sucess with your project. I am an aircraft owner and pilot and will fly into Plymouth as soon as it is possible with other fellow pilots. Geoff Wright

alan.barrington 31st May 2015

Good luck! As a GA pilot who has flown into Plymouth on many occasions I want to see the airport reopened. Please keep the airport GA friendly when it does reopen!

andy.webber 29th May 2015

Best of luck! It would be great to see Plymouth airport reopened. I agree with others that a free landing would trigger a much bigger response from the GA community.

simon.cliff 29th May 2015

Good to see there is a proactive approach to reopening of Plymouth airport, air links to Plymouth are vital for securing new domestic & international investment.


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