2017: Plymouth Airport's Defining Year ✈

by FlyPlymouth in Plymouth, England, United Kingdom

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On 31st October 2016 we successfully raised £36,263 with 330 supporters in 42 days

In 2017 the fate of Plymouth Airport will be decided. Help us win that fight.

by FlyPlymouth in Plymouth, England, United Kingdom

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Peter Day 24th October 2016

I've flown many times into Plymouth Airport on business, which all stopped when it was closed, as it's too much hassle to get there by road or rail. Well done FlyPlymouth for your efforts in getting the airfield reopened, and I just hope that PCC allows the Hangar Homes I've suggested to the north of the main runway, which will make the airfield more sustainable and more likely to keep it open and retain flying operations after 2031. Peter Day - www.hangarhomes.co.uk

Tony C 28th September 2016

Oh it would be so good to have EGHD open again, giving GA pilots like myself more options for landaways and (allowed) diversion airfields. We all know what happens when someone lands at Plymouth in an emergency....SHH crooks..... ! Anyway I still fly the occasional dummy approach into Plymouth (not below 500ft) (and go-around of course!) just to keep my hand in, for the day when it finally reopens!

Andrew Renouf 20th September 2016

Thanks again FlyPlymouth for all of your efforts. All of the G.A. Community in Jersey, Guernsey and France will be over the moon when Plymouth Airport opens again and we will bring money back into the Plymouth Economy. Plymouth City Council should hang their head in shame at the awful lease they granted - the public of Plymouth originally owned 100% of a fantastic facility which created high value added jobs in transport, maintenance and GA. PCC agreed to a lease where this facility was bound to be given away..........it was totally obvious that the Armageddon clause would always be implemented by a property company as housing is often more lucrative to a leaseholder than running an Airfield. The awful lease allowed the wider benefit to the Plymouth economy to be diverted to one Privately owned company. Just look at Exeter Airport and how massive the Car Park next to it has grown since Plymouth Airport shut. There is demand and every year volumes increase as the Economy (slowly) expands. .........Plymouth Council, correct your mistake and put in a few pounds of council tax per head of the 300,000+ population of Plymouth, buy out the very small sum the Airport is worth (the Planning Policy Guidelines now mean it has to be kept as an Airport) and secure this resource for the future.

Mac 20th September 2016

Good luck with the reopening of Plymouth airport. What about you local general aviation fly-boys, you'll know doubt use this facility, when opened again. Especially if their will be customs here for you to clear you flight back into UK airspace. So put your hands deep into your deepest pocket and help out with the fund please.. Mac


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