FlyingFrenchman Free School Meals

by william guemar in London, England, United Kingdom

FlyingFrenchman Free School Meals


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We want to prepare free meals for children that will be distributed by local schools

by william guemar in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Brendan Clarke-Smith (dear Brendan) does not want to « nationalise the children » and feed HUNGRY KIDS during holidays. Well, the only national thing we see there is embarrassment (at the best). The FlyingFrenchman restaurant will make free meals for the neighbourhood kids, distributed via local schools for half-term.
Funds will be used to buy ingredients in order to prepare meals.
Our goal is to prepare 50 meals per day during the half-term, we estimate the price of each meal at around £2 to £2.5.
We will prepare the meals each day and local schools will distribute to children that need them.

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