Fluidity Freerun Academy

Ever wanted to learn freerunning? Become a ninja? Push your self mentally and physically or just learn a whole bunch of cool new skills?

We did it!

On 4th Jun 2016 we successfully raised £759 with 30 supporters in 56 days

Cardiff Heights.Fluidity Freerun - Check a video of us here


Who We Are 

Fluidity Freerun is a professional parkour and freerunning group based in Cardiff, South Wales. Established in 2005, the group is built up of dedicated practitioners who's ethos has been to bring parkour and freerunning to the community.  

Members of the group have been sponsored by leading worldwide groups, worked on adverts and films, as well as performing in front of tens of thousands at big events across the world. We even went through on Britains Got Talent in 2012, and getting through to the Semi Finals of the 1st ever UK Ninja Warrior show.

Fluidity Freerun currently hold the only 2 fully qualified ADAPT coaches in Wales (ADAPT is the official coaching qualification of parkour and freerunning) , and over the years we have taught thousands of students through regular classes in leisure centres, gymnastic centres,  the school curriculum and extra school projects, youth projects as well as teaching classes outside and holding meet ups.

Fluidity are also a leading performance/coaching group on the festival circuit, with festivals such as Boomtown, Glastonbury, Fusion , Greenman and Fieldview to name a few under our belt.  At these we have built huge freerunning rigs for performances and workshops , as well as performing with Bassline Circus, NoFitState Circus and even on the mighty pyro stage project Arcadia! 

Workshop at Boomtown Performing at Boomtown We are very strongly linked with ParkourUK , our sports national governing body, and here in Cardiff we work very closely with Sport Cardiff and other council and youth organisations, as we deliver parkour to the masses.

The Scene

The parkour scene in Wales has grown tremendously since we started all that time ago, and has gone from strength to strength. What started as a small group of friends in small rural areas, has grown to countless groups , classes and meets ups happening all over the country. Some meet ups have even had up to 120 people from across the UK come to Cardiff , and organised indoor sessions have had equal numbers at times!  

Cardiff , being the capitol city in Wales , has served as the heart of the scene in this region . A city that is currently expanding very fast, with a huge art, cultural and musical scene, as well as being the winner of the presitigious European Capitol of Sport award (2014).  


The Problems 

Back at the very start, Parkour was very hidden in the underground, and as a result the public, councils etc never quite understood what it was that practitioners were up too. Often labelled as "asbo" behaviour , or adrenaline fueled stunts, the art of parkour was lost in translation. 

As years have now gone on, with the help of organisations such as ParkourUK, the public and government sectors now have a much better understanding of what Parkour is.  

In recent years parkour and freerunning have become some of the most viewed content on sites such as Youtube , and as a result, there isnt a kid or adult out there that hasnt seen a clip of someone doing parkour.  As a result , the sport is now one of the most sought after activities for kids (and for many adults) to give a go .  As the heart of the sport is in urban environments , this has caused many problems for us over the years. The main one being finding places to safely practise parkour in a busy bustling city .  

We , and all practitioners worldwide face countless issues with being told to get off of public property , and as a result , many practioners are usually training in places that could be private property, abandonned or even on rooftops. In the 21st century, we live in a no win no fee world, were people live in fear of lawsuits, and as a result, it is very hard to find places to practise parkour , which is holding back alot of people who want to give it a go.Just like skateboarding which is now , 40 odd years on, one of the hugest alternative sports going , we are facing the same problems that the skate scene once did.  

In the modern era, skate parts (both indoors and outdoors) are commonplace in every city across the world, enabling safe community areas for practioners to enjoy their passtimes, and meet other individuals who share a passion.Outdoor and indoor parkour parks have been popping up across the world, however here in Cardiff we still have not managed to get one , despite having an online petition with around 1000 signatures!  Check the online Petition here 

Even though we hold many classes , and a few centres we can train in, it is not enough to meet the demands of the scene here and for the public that want to be involved.Another huge problem for us, is that Parkour is currently not a fundable sport. This means that for our dreams of creating our own purpose built space, we have not been able to apply for any sporting grants that would give us the amount we need for this tremendous task.A jam with an outdoor Freemove parkour park , at a sports convention in Cardiff Tempory Freemove Outdoor park





We are pleased to announce , that we have secured a 7,000sq ft warehouse on Newport road.  With the help of the incredible "Infinity Trampoline Park" ,  who we are going to be working in collaboration with , we will finally after all these years have our own dedicated parkour and freerunning space, which will be one of the biggest in the UK! 


The warehouse is going to be built to replicate an outdoor environment , of wooden structures and platforms, scaffolding rigs and other urban/rural concepts.  We are working closely with "Natural Sports" who are helping us design some of the rigs. Natural Sports have a great understanding of the parkour scene and requirements, as well as the British Standard we are working to, and their experience will be vital in making this as safe, and fun as possible! 

  We will also be catering to the acrobatic nature of movement disciplines, with a foam pit , inflatable AirTrick floor , trampettes and other acrobatic elements! Currently fitness is changing , with people who want to do something that isnt just lifting weights , or running around the park...   


Fluidity Freerun Academy is going to be aimed at physical and useful fitness, challenges and over coming obstacles. So with that in mind , we will be bringing all forms of movement based disciplines together . Body , mind and spirit.With events such as ToughMudder, Ninja Warrior and other obstacle challenges becoming so popular , we will also be building areas inspired by these courses. We even have a semi finalist of the UK's first Ninja Warrior UK as a head coach! 


And if all of this wasn't enough, we will also be providing circus skills training,Calistenics classes a dance studio for activities such as Yoga, Meditation , Breakdance, Streetdance. The project will also help us train up more coaches , youth leaders as well as providing volunteer and job positions within the academy. This will help us with our community outreach goals for bringing parkour and alternative sports across the country, to give as many people as possible an oppurtunity to experience these amazing activities. 


For an idea of what the park will look like, here are some examples from some of our favourite centres! 


The Chainstore


We will be Providing;

  • Pay as you go use of the Parkour/Freerunning facility (open sessions)
  • 8 week level programmes, for basic , intermediate and advanced parkour skills and education of the sport
  • Parkour for the elderly
  • Female only sessions #shecantrace
  • Streetdance, breakdance, capoeira 
  • Yoga, meditation , pilates , yogilates 
  • Ninjawarrior style course training and classes (led by Ninja Warrior contestant Craig Robinson)
  • Circus skills 
  • Acrobatic classes 
  • Graffiti workshops and events
  • Trampolining at Infinity Trampoline Park - Cardiff

And thats just to name a few! More information will be providided as the project unfolds.



This project is a big one, we are incredibly lucky to have the guys at Infinity helping us make this dream happen , and through their support we aim to create a huge collaboration that will make this project as good as it can be! 

We have secured a large amount of money to purchase the equipment we need to equip the building , but as its such an astronomical task , we are looking for additional funding to really help make it as best as it can be. We have set our standards high, and we want this facility to be a real community HUB for all ages to come in , learn and share their experiences in an array of different skills, arts and disciplines,as well as somewhere to chill and meet likeminded people.

Your donations will help towards more equipment, overhead and start up costs that we need to get the project off the ground by summer, with your help we will create the first facility of this kind in Wales! Rewards  will be in the form of membership packages, time vouchers for activities in our  Academy as well as Infinity Trampoline Park  , merchandise and much more!

We are also looking for sponsorships and company endorsement deals for any suitable companies that want to be involved, as well as any qualified coaches who would be keen to teach their activity in our centre! Every little really will help, so thank you for reading our project goals , and we hope we have your attention!LETS MAKE THIS HAPPEN! :D  






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