Floodmate Patented flood barriers for all society

by Transforming Flood Management in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

Floodmate Patented flood barriers for all society
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Money will enable deployment of Floodmates to authorities affected by flash flood. A first step in total replacement of ineffective sandbags

by Transforming Flood Management in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

Flood management is ineffective. Global warming is increasing the number of flash floods. The product and model of Floodmate is ground-breaking and can save 80% of flood cost because it is wholly effective for the majority of flash floods.

Authorities responsible for protecting life and limb, remain reactive in response to flood. This increases the cost of flood in social and economic terms. 80% cost savings are entirely feasible and credible

Introducing Floodmate change is necessary for the sake of 25% of the Global population affected by flood but it has to be more than just a product solution, more than just a protection measure.

Incredibly sandbags, too often labelled as ineffective due to storage, seepage, soilage, weight and positioning issues, continue to be a main defence mechanism.

Floodmate a patented, robustly tested product, 8 years in development and with game-changing constituents is now complete. It will replace sandbags. A successful pilot period proved the demand and need. The sales we secured are the tip of the iceberg and Floodmate is now ready to change the world.  

It combines with a business model that embraces 21st century advances in technology, logistics and meteorology, transforming flood risk management into being pro-active, i.e. a full state of preparedness to ensure adequate protection is in place before the event hits.

Incredibly Floodmate has no competition. Any attempt at googling suggests there may be alternatives, but there are not.  It is a 21st century sandbag with placement benefits and since it can be used in any scenario in which sandbags are considered for use, the potential numbers for sale are virtually unlimited.

We sold 250 floodmates in our pilot period, to a builder building on flood plain land. We intend focus on this channel as a "quick win". This market size alone is 90,000 units per annum and aesthetically as well as practically, Floodmates are better deployed. Simply not practical for homes to be sold with sandbags but a Floodmate can happily sit in a cupboard, ready for use.  

Builders are happy because cheaper flood plain land and insignificant floodmate cost boost profits.

Apple Inc require our emergency barriers for their head office in Taiwan and we expect the commercial sector to grow on the strength of this relationship.

Floodmate creates an island of the protected area but additionally we divert water flows to deflect water surge. 

There are numerous alternative channels including all councils, assistance firms, Insurers, consumers, flood forums and loss assessors but this money will help build the first tranche of floodmate. 

There-after the income flows will be self perpetuating.

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