Float House Leeds

by Gus Napper in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

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We aim to open Leeds’ first Floatation Therapy centre and we need your help to do it! Bringing better mental and physical health to Leeds!

by Gus Napper in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

Float House will be the very first floatation therapy centre in Leeds! Offering the city a new and needed form of physical and mental therapy that is already improving peoples health and well-being across the globe but is yet to launch in Leeds. The process of a float session is quite simple and incredibly effective, just lay back, float and switch yourself off. Users float in epsom salt filled water, wich is warmed to an exact body temperature, allowing them to float effortlessly and release from all gravity. Closing the tank eliminates all senses of sound and sight, allowing the user to delve even deeper into their relaxed state and truly find escape and inner peace. The effects from floatation therapy are felt instantly after a session and, with regular visits, can add amazing emotional and physical benefits to a persons life.

Floatation therapy is the perfect physical and mental stress reliever for everyone, from people with busy lifestyles, anxiety or social issues to people simply looking take advantage of its many mind and body benefits by adding it into their weekly health and lifestyle practices. At Float House, we plan on delivering floatation therapy it with care, style, competitive pricing and exceptional levels of service.

Floatation therapy has a whole host of mind and body benefits, such as;

  • Spine decompression
  • Reduced joint pressure 
  • Reduced levels of depression
  • Lower levels of anxiety
  • Improved sleeping patterns
  • More creative thinking
  • Better problem solving
  • Improved relationships and social skills
  • Help with PTSD 
  • Help with mental health issues and learning difficulties
  • Better blood circulation improving recovery
  • Helps with age related issues caused by poor blood flow
  • Improvements in muscle building
  • Lower cortisol levels and better stress management
  • Magnesium absorption to calm the nervous systems 

Creating jobs is an absolute key for us at Float House where we aim to hire 3 staff members within our first 2 years, as well as sourcing all of our furnishings and trades people locally. Along side continuing personal investment from the Float House founders, the funds raised from CrowdFunder will be used as initial capital for the larger set up costs. Providing Float House with its full build out, equipment and furniture.

For us, the client experience starts as soon as they land on our online pages and the second they walk through our door. Below are some images from our mood board, giving an idea of the space that we will create for Float House visitors. As well as life changing products and service, we want to provide clients with a retreat, a place to simply reset and just be. We want to make Float House a holistic and sustainable environment, using low energy equipment and responsibly sourced materials and furnishings.

Floatation therapy benefits have an incredible impact on the health and well being of the general public but we also look to assist people from specific backgrounds; helping people with severe anxiety or mental trauma, ex military personnel, members of the public with learning difficulties, referrals from local health centres/other health professionals and younger members of the community suffering with social or mental health issues. Bringing focus to these other areas of need means we can truly explore the benefits of Floatation Therapy on a wide range of people within the local community.

This form of therapy can bring communities together and change lives. With your help, we hope to build and grow to serve as a positive and influential part of that change.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£55 or more

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2 free floats + lunch for 2 after you float

For £55 donation we will offer 2 free floats, which you can use one of to bring friend for free, and lunch for 2 at Leeds' House of Koko coffee shop!

£10 or more

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10% discount floatation session

For donations of £10 pounds we will book you in for a 10% discounted floatation session. Float your troubles away for less!

£25 or more

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50% off your first float session

For a £25 donation we will book you in for a 50% off 60min float session!

£95 or more

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1month FREE membership + Unlimited float Sessions

For donations of £95 or more we will off a full months membership with unlimited float sessions for free. Plus, bring a friend on one of your float sessions!

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