Flight Simulator

To build a cockpit flight simulator for the Bognor Regis air cadets as the simulator they have is about 10 years out of date, and trying to bring it up to date, it will be used by cadets aged between 13 -18 teaching them the basics of flying before the get in a real plane. the cadets have managed to raise approx £500 them selves as we are a charity run organisation and we have to raise our own fund for projects.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Flying is central to our purpose and  cadet experience. They  have loads of opportunities to take to the skies:

Gliding - Soar to success! There are fantastic opportunities to glide while you are a cadet, with the ultimate goal being a solo flight. Training is in three stages: a Gliding Induction Course (GIC), Gliding Scholarship (GS) and Advanced Gliding Training (AGT).Air Experience Flights - Feel the thrill of powered flight, with a fully qualified pilot to guide you through taking control of the aircraft yourself. Not only have the opportunity to learn about the flying controls but you’ll experience aerobatics and low level flying too.Air Cadet Pilot Scheme - The pinnacle of flying as a cadet, for advanced handling. Complete this successfully and you'll be awarded your cadet pilot wings. And if you do exceptionally well you could be recommended for further training which will help towards your Private Pilot's Licence!Air Cadet Pilot Navigation Training Scheme - A great opportunity to use your navigation skills, this two-week course where you fly for up to eight hours is open to selected cadets. Success will lead to you gaining your 'wings'.

the flight simulate is a big part of the training cylibus it teaches them every thing from the basic controls and flying to the expertise of the control tower. the flight simulator we have at the moment is about 10 years old.

This is the old Flight sim

And with help from a local Technition that used to work with pinewood studieoswill help us build a new flight simulator to the same as the cockpit form the Grob tutor which the cadets fly.

we have had help from grob with all the plans and drawings to get the molds for the cock pit. in the picture below shows how the cockpit will look like when it is finished. 

new flight sim

and this will be a greate training aid for the cadets.