FlicknMix Transcultural Film Review Social Media

by Jie Yin in London, England, United Kingdom

FlicknMix Transcultural Film Review Social Media
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Film review website with enhanced social media features that celebrates multiculturalism and encourages open discussion.

by Jie Yin in London, England, United Kingdom

This is an all-or-nothing campaign!

If target is not met, all donations will be returned automatically, but we will remember to kind contributions of all donators who showed interest to the project :)

About Myself:

I set up a consultancy company based in London aiming to link Chinese and European film and animation studios or organisations together through partnerships, collaboration and co-production. This is what inspired me with the idea of FlicknMix.

Our Team:

Our team consists of an amalgamation of different cultures and upbringings. In terms of global trends, diversity has become a key and vital element of motion pictures production and distribution in recent years, and the definition and application of ‘culture’ has become a controversial and sensitive topic that is under constant scrutiny. Every aspect of what we have learnt, and what we experienced, inspired us with the idea of creating a multi-culture based film review social media, to contribute to film lovers, the film industry, and the society in an era of multiculturalism, as we understand of film lovers, filmmakers, and how FlicknMix will benefit them.

The Project - FlicknMix:

With our experiences in film and animation, we realised the transcultural barrier present with film performances and the importance of internet in the film industry. Even within the Oscars, diversity is a much talked about topic that can still lead to controversy and misunderstandings. However, the digital tools and mediums that the Internet has to offer can be utilised as the ultimate means for the sharing and spreading of ideas and applying it on a transnational and global scale. Our team decided to expand and develop a new product: a film review website with enhanced social media features that celebrates multiculturalism and encourages open discussion and exchange of opinions with the love for cinema as the unifying factor.

Too often misunderstandings arise due to cultural differences and misinterpretation. Too often conflict arises due to a lack of safe space to talk and listen. Even within our team when we discuss about the same film, our interpretation differ and sometimes contradict with each other - but the open discussion that results from these contradictions can lead to better understanding of each other both on a personal and cultural level. So if it can work on the micro-level of our team, why not spread it to a macro-level to involve a global audience who already are connect through the Internet?

We are hoping that through FlicknMix, users feel safe and welcomed to voice their opinions and are able to find an audience that will listen and willing to start a conversation. After all, cinema is an audio-visual medium with universal value and accessibility, and through FlicknMix, we wish to link and connect users from across the globe regardless of distance and time-zone differences. We believe that the current trend of transculturalism should stay for good. The development of technology has also created bridges that bypasses national barriers, so more than ever we need a platform that encourages social harmony and mutual understanding - this is where we hope for FlicknMix to come into play.

The reason of being named FlicknMix came from Pick and Mix selling sweets in the cinema theatres. So we put together "flick", an informal name for film. and "mix", as we wish for people to come together across borders and cultures. Pretty sweet, huh?

FlicknMix would thus be a platform which allows its users to reach mutual understanding through discussions about films while also being exposed to new films from various cultures. We want this user-friendly platform to be a very personal place where users can keep track of what films they have seen, and a report to analyse their film viewing habits and preferences. Ultimately however, we also wish to give back to society, have an effect on the tangible world too. Thus in the long run we aim to partner with various charities and make full use of a specially-designed feature of FlicknMix (don't worry, we won't bore you with the complex technical speech). So come join us in this adventure!

Use of Funding:

We have finished the webpages design and looking for the funding to create our FlicknMix. Below is an example of one of the many pages.

Due to the complex nature and functions required for the website, we are seeking funding for the technical aspect, including: coding, front-end, bank-end, and cloud services. We have existing connections to reach the user demographic and industry links, as well as a business and marketing plan. In summary, we have a blueprint and a team of engineers but lack the money. So we need this extra help to set things into motion!


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