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Flexicare – Quality childcare on demand. Its flexible, reliable and suitable for all your childcare and early education needs.

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Flexicare – Quality childcare on demand. Its flexible, reliable and suitable for all your childcare and early education needs.

Flexicare[1] - A virtual market place for all your childcare and early years education needs. Targetting working mothers and young families, the Flexicare app allows parents to find quality childcare within minutes.

[1] Flexicare is used as a business name for pitch purposes only. No copyright infringement known or intended, in any form.

Why Flexicare:

  • The current childcare system in the UK is pushing mothers outside the full time workforce. 60% of the working mothers with young children work less than 30 hours a week[2].
  • Majority of the child care providers do not cater to the parents working outside of the ‘normal’ office hours or needing care on a short notice.
  • Greater maternal employment could bring many social and economic benefits e.g. increasing tax revenue and reducing child poverty. By increasing the overall maternal employment by 5% (up to 62%) would be worth around £750m annually in increased tax revenue and reduced benefit spending[3].
  • Around 26% of the average family income in the UK is spent on childcare vs 11.8% in OECD[4].
  • Mothers just get 17 minutes of ‘me time’ to themselves each day and still take the lion’s share of the everyday chores[5].
  • Parenting challenges multiply when we are exhausted. Many behavioral / psychological researches have proven positive impact on children when parents take regular break and find time for themselves, to uncover their passions and spend quality time together.

The above economic, social and emotional indicators point towards the need for more flexible, reliable and quality childcare. It is the need of the hour in the UK and many other developed markets. A huge area of opportunity awaiting to be tapped.

How Flexicare works:

A virtual market place for parents to discover and arrange tailor made childcare in their area within minutes.

Using the flexicare web app, parents can get access to a range of local baby sitters, nannies, child minders, au pairs, nurseries and school clubs, for services including school run, breakfast club, after school care, school holiday care, evening and weekend childcare, workshops covering drama, crafts & so much more. Full time care is also provided.

All services provided by Ofsted registered staff, vetted and verified with enhanced DBS and referencing. Special focus is on recruiting the mothers to bring them back into the workforce with proper training.

App Features:

Flexicare does not just connect the parents and carers in fact it goes a few steps further.

  • Using the live streaming option, parents can now see the child live within the setting.
  • Parents can monitor the location of the child and carer on the maps.
  • Regular text updates will be given to the parents for enhanced peace of mind. 
  • Parents can have direct line access to the security services in case of any child abuse. Just an additional measure to safeguard and protect children. We would strive for Zero security services call outs.
  • Child carer reviews and ratings making the decision hassle free.
  • Online payment to avoid the hassle of cash handling. No fixed commitment or contracts to sign.
  • Rewarding referral program offering attractive promotions in partnership with relevant businesses to offer special discounts to the users.

Flexicare business Model:

Flexicare would be completely free for both users and carers till we reach a significant user base. At that point a revenue share and ad support model will be introduced for the users.

It’s all about transcending boundaries and bridging the physical with digital divide in childcare. Being a UK based startup, London would be the launch pad for Flexicare followed by all the key cities within Europe, North America & Asia

Flexicare is truly disrupting the childcare industry and rewriting the rules of the game.

Vote NOW & make Flexicare a reality!


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