FLEA! - a community ukulele opera

Help raise funding for FLEA ! - a spectacular circus-themed community theatre show - Bridport 2017

We did it!

On 26th May 2017 we successfully raised £635 with 18 supporters in 28 days

What’s it all about?

UkuleleOpera presents FLEA! - a spectacular community theatre production, taking place in May 2017 at Bridport Electric Palace.
Based on an original idea by Sally Vaughan, written and composed by Andrew Dickson, and directed by Niki McCretton, FLEA! tells the story of Madame Celine, the devious and exotic ringmistress of an extraordinary flea circus, where ukuleles form the main musical backdrop and storyline. The show brings together many different art forms including circus, music, dance, acting, design and making, digital technology… and even dog agility!
FLEA! will appeal to a diverse audience, offering a thrilling spectacle that contains something for everybody, whatever your age or interests.

HOW many?!
In January at an open audition process, around 90 people of all ages were allocated stage roles – nearly double the anticipated 50 (because Bridport’s talent and enthusiasm in the community was so impressive!). There are 30 volunteers involved backstage too, to bring the production to scintillating life. FLEA! is conceived and managed by a team of experienced professionals (many of whom live in Bridport) to support this large community cast performing (and making, backstage) alongside professional performers, musicians and makers. The ethos behind the project was to enable all abilities to get involved in the performance and production of this unique, timely and inclusive ‘peoples opera’.

What’s the fundraising for?
There are more participants involved in FLEA! than were intended to be, but in the true spirit of being a community production, it was important that people weren’t turned away who wanted to get involved! These increased numbers do have a knock-on effect to the production costs, though – such as hiring rehearsal spaces big enough to accommodate everyone; buying fabrics, trimmings and making the extra costumes and props; buying extra timber and paint for building more set; hiring in extra technical equipment; buying enough simple stage make up for the cast... and more.

Everyone has put in a phenomenal effort so far, working on a show that we can all be proud of. It would be wonderful if we could raise some funds to really make it the best looking & sounding production we can, and any funds we can raise now will really help make the difference.

Help us make this community production for Bridport one that will be remembered for years to come!

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